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The most violent /shocking of the 'trilogy?'

I think Fistful is probably the most violent/disturbing of the three films becausse from the first minutes a young child is being shot at, his father beaten up in front of him. The massacre of the cavalary, though blood LESS is utter slaughter. The Baxters and men having their house torched and shot to death by a laughing ,leering bunch of villains also Joe's savage beating and the beatings of Silvanito by the Rojo's. This must have been really extreme for 1964.
For a Few Dollars more has it's fair share of shocking scenes, the murder of the woman and child (off-screen) by Indio's man, Indio shooting the Prison Warder through the hatch (once again off-screen) and the old cabinet maker being shot point blank.
By the time of the Good,the Bad and the Ugly the viewer was prepared for the murder of the family by Angel Eyes, his treatment of the Prostitute and the savage betaing of Tuco at the POW Camp. Tuco was also gulity of the torture of Blondie in the dessert.
I still think in it's context, Fistful is the most shocking...what do you think?


The second one is my personal favourite but in terms of the actual violence shown even that can't match this one.I agree I think this one is the most raw.Maybe because Leone wasn't really trying to cater to the masses he was just trying to get a movie made on a low budget.But Clint's beating and especially the massacre of the Baxters is still violent especially for 1964.But I think in terms of the tone,I think the second one is about equal.Sometimes just implied violence can make a film seem brutal and I think there's just something about For A Few Dollars More that seems brutal.The sub plot revolves around the rape/suicide of Mortimer's sister,and Indio is a dope smoking,sadistic psycho who kills a family,his cell mate and even his own men.
There's just something really dirty,greasy looking about the characters in the second that comes across really strong but at the same time there's more humour in it than the first so the tone kind of gets balanced out.I've always found the third to be really tame to be honest.Even though it deals with the civil war,the tone and look of the film looks artificial to me.Maybe because of the bigger budget or maybe because Leone was trying to be more mainstream but I just don't think it has the rawness the first two have.But yeah I would say ultimately the first is the most violent.


Many westerns made before "A Fistful of Dollars" were certainly lacking in terms of blood and violence - this one took it to another level.

But yeah, I would say this film is the most violent of the trilogy.

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Overall, yes, I'd agree.

But TGTBTU has the "worst" scene for me- when Tuco smashes Angel Eyes' henchman's head against the rock after jumping from the train. Sure, you don't see any blood or anything but it really made me wince. Nasty way to go.

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I’d say for a few dollars more is the most violent, every few minutes you had somebody getting shot lol