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Tenet explained in 7 minutes The anal fingering scene... Where was the gun before? Someone turned on by her? Any other film with this kind of time travel? Who was the guy in the dog costume? Zita gorog or Lori Heuring? R Rated vs Unrated version Do someone understand this kind of time travel? A very useful animation here Where was the inverted car? View all posts >


The david gordon green iteration is the best one. Exactly, you got it, although it's clear is a determinsitic kind of time travel, so you can't change the past, everything is already included, even the inverted people. I hope you like my little video explaining the movie: The good guy having several woman slaved and hundreds of people starved and thirsty? No, you are wrong. So Inmortal Joe was the good guy, you say? Do you understand the time inversión? That's because you don't understand what the film proposes. The important is the idea, not the actor who played it. Mel Gibson isn't Mad Max, George Mlller is. That violence exists as an inherent part of the human being. Cinema is a visual art, you Moron. Jerking off with Melanie Laurent sex scene. View all replies >