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who was the hot redhead with glasses Way too many tropes hot, elegant, sophisticated in top gun maverick That blonde is crazy beautiful, just unreal Who is the guy in that profile pic? i would lick everything on her body yes even that floatation devices Carrie Coon was so damn hot in this a golf ball through a water hose I want to see her naked View all posts >


this wasn't a movie but Abel in sons of anarchy was damn annoying, and also weird. worst acting by a child ever. I echo yours. He had such clear strong presence. Oh how i long for the days of real movies and moviestars. Damn bro zapped again? Me too. She is so cute and adorable. [Url],both%20commonly%20used%20in%20fiction.[/url] Lol Google it I am with the op. Have posted the same on his board. He just sux as an actor. Good looking, but cant act. And God forbid he has to speak lines. she is heavenly but she does have a great rack. he told the truth. nobody cares huh. interesting. lmfao View all replies >