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He stopped pandering to the Jew run Hollywood crowd and I’m proud of him for that. Awesome hope it shows up on bit torrent. Nobody cares. No one cares. Just toss him into a pit of snakes and watch him cry like a little bitch pathologic bursts of laughter Makes you wonder if Hitlery and the whore Kamala have it. Hector Salamanca - DING DING DING DING DING You do realize that rape and assault was common in POW camps by their interrogators don’t you? Give me word, any word and I can trace it’s origin back to Greek! Paulie would have drank a lot, whined, bitched, and thrown a lot of fits for no reason. He was in on it…patting down grandmothers and kids at airports and not profiling is what killed this nation. The Jews run: Hollywood/Entertainment/Music Banking Mainstream media Facts hurt but it’s fact. Dean Cain is republican They can try to institute martial law but considering over 100 million gun owners, ex military, current military law enforcement that will fight against these ass clowns it’ll be a short civil war…and don’t forget 70% of blacks aren’t vaccinated either they’ll be on our side as well. Bodies will litter the streets…and they won’t be the unvaccinated. Blacks selling other blacks into slavery, slavery still being practiced in Muslim countries, black lives matter, black panthers, 13% of the population committing 50+% of the violent crimes… Not a gap, but Tony Randall had two kids when he was 77 and 78….that dirty old man. No it’s over for the vaccinated the new variant mu can get through the vaccine. RIP you jabbed freaks. “Most”..meaning vaxxed are still getting COVID and dying. So if he got vaccinated he could still catch COVID and carry it and not know it because he’s carrying the virus load, and then be able to spread it to unvaccinated/vaccinated people…. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t…but the propaganda machine keeps on churning.