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What do you think that Paulie would've thought of Adonis Johnson?

I get why Paulie was killed off from the last time that we saw him in Rocky Balboa. It was to illustrate just how lonely and empty Rocky's world has become before he met Donnie. All of the people that he loved or was good friends with are either no longer alive (i.e. Adrian, Paulie, Mickey, Apollo, Duke, Tony Gazzo, and Father Carmine) or have simply moved on with their lives (i.e. his son, Marie, and Steps).

But still, I kind of miss Burt Young's presence in the Creed movies. I like to consider Paulie as what would happen if you stuck Archie Bunker (i.e. a curmudgeonly, ignorant, politically incorrect, casually racist, but still weirdly loveable family relative) in a boxing movie. Rocky always had "tolerated him" since he was his best friend and later, his brother-in-law but he was still embarrassed by him.

So I'm naturally intrigued how a guy with little filter or tact like Paulie would respond to finding out that Apollo Creed had an illegitimate kid, who was in a group home. He had already said shameful crap about Marie's son, upon first seeing him, asking Rocky if he's a "perp".


Paulie would have drank a lot, whined, bitched, and thrown a lot of fits for no reason.


He probably would have told Rocky not to train him after the negative experience the last time Rocky trained someone (ie Tommy Gunn).