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Unvaccinated who catch COVID and recover have 6-13 times higher resistance than vaccinated Joe Biden exempts the following from the mandate Triple H suffers cardiac event I think it’s great he has enough money/fame to experiment with different roles Very disappointed by this movie Anyone who read the book knows Rumor is she passed away last night in her sleep View all posts >


He stopped pandering to the Jew run Hollywood crowd and I’m proud of him for that. Awesome hope it shows up on bit torrent. Nobody cares. No one cares. Just toss him into a pit of snakes and watch him cry like a little bitch pathologic bursts of laughter Makes you wonder if Hitlery and the whore Kamala have it. Hector Salamanca - DING DING DING DING DING You do realize that rape and assault was common in POW camps by their interrogators don’t you? Give me word, any word and I can trace it’s origin back to Greek! Paulie would have drank a lot, whined, bitched, and thrown a lot of fits for no reason. View all replies >