Corbell's Replies

I don't know. I've known some women who have different degrees of early...abuse or relations. The ones that are messed up, had far more serious abuse. Others, just seemed to not. And just moved on and had normal lives. i couldn't imagine them feeling a need to make a big issue about their past "relationships" decades after the fact. 1. It does matter than he came though in the end. Your denial that it doesn't is just you talking shit. 2. I bet you are lying. So, to be clear, you are agreeing with me, right? Is she claiming it did? Was her life messed up from it? Agreed. No, it's true. The ideas of a neutra civil service has been around for a long time. You guys violated that. We have seen it in the ways that the FBI and the justice department has been weaponized against republicans, while giving dems passes. So, naturally that attack invites a response. This bit where you start a fight and then whine when you get some back? It makes you look.... really like a weak and/or bad person. 1. And Hicks fell asleep during the combat drop. And hudson came though in the end. So, not an anti-male message, just a nice little character arc. 2. Yes, I bet you are lying. The woman is 54 and wants to start a major case over being groped 35 years ago? Yes, that's my take away and my question. This does not sound like the type of thing to leave a major trauma. So why is this suddenly worth her time? 1. The whole unit is trained marnes. Mostly male too. Only Hudson is shaky, and he comes though in the end. Hardly an anti male smear. YOu are shit talking. 2. I bet his platform does not say that. Teh concept of neutral civil servants is based on the comprimise that they would be neutral. You guys have violated that tradition. You did realize that eventually we would respond, right? I have never heard anyone say anythiing about air conditioning saving them from climate crisis. 1. Hudson is one guy, in the whole unit. His shakiness comes across as an individual issue, not a smear against all men. 2. You asked me what I wanted. i told you. The party as a whole? The party right now is defined by Trump's platform. If the courts are working properly, correct. 1. Your stonewalling is noted. Thanks for demonstrating what I said. 2. Depends what you mean by republican party. YOu talk to the rank and file, and I think that you will find a lot of issues higher on their list of priorities than taxes. There is a real difference based on whether the rights of the people exist even if the MAJORITY of the people (or their representatives) vote to violate them. A democracy or a constitutional republic with too much democracy might vote to say...have laws against "hate speech" because the people get riled up and then they end up completely shit canning freedom of speech because of hte "feelings" of a bunch of fags or brown people. While a Constitutional Republic with strong seperation of powers and a good judicial branch, would shitcan that law, protect the rights of the people to speak and tell the fags to go play in traffic. 1. LOL. Now you are just saying words. Your intent is clear. YOu support woke, but you know you cannot defend it. So you craft dishonest arguments to try to show that it does not exist, and you hold to them stupidly, ie gaslighting and stonewalling. 2. Me personally? Taxes are not a priority at this time. 1. Because that is clearly your intent. 2. Common knowledge is then wrong. Thinking back... 1. Clone wars. I guess I assumed that some nation or faction started a war of conquest using large armies of clones and the jedi led the Republic in fighting against them. 2. As there was no mention of clones being around during the first prequel, I guess I assumed that the side using the clones lost and was eliminated, the clones all killed or scattered and the clone banks bombed. 3. Vader? Some former student that seemed promising, went off, and turned back while out of sight, and then became part of the new order. Never imagined how close Obi Wan was to the whole process. 4. Old Republic, I guess I assume similar to America, but with teh Jedi operating as sort of an established church, with some involvement in military and governing matters, but still with a large Republic like government structure. I recall being surprised and disappointed when we saw the Republic later and the non-jedi seemed to mostly be blocks of wood with no agency of their own. Funny. I'm a Trump supporter and I've spoken to you several times on this issue, and every time I happily admit that Trump is not perfect on the issue of gun rights and I have never said anything like, "no one should own those kind of guns". 1. No, you are trying to deny that the issue of woke is real. Which is just you being an ass. 2. You are jumping all over the place, to avoid any real discussion. My point remains. We don't share your class warfare beliefs, but that does not mean that we always favor the wealthy or corporations.