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Did Grace set off the fireworks? So... not a single infected encounter after the big attack on episode 5. A car commercial in the last 10 minutes? Really? What's the deal with Dye America? I wish the movie started earlier in Leslie's Life. Falls apart on second episode So why did kai kill Joseph Galfy? Only 26 and already looking like a 40 years old. Could we, just for once, have a down to earth viking movie or show? South Park did it better 20 years ago. View all posts >


"personally my list has Top Gun Moverick beating this!" Right... Episode 3 was filler. They should have given us a quick flashback of Bill and Frank and then proceeded like in the game where Joel, Ellie and Bill work together. Kathleen in episode 4 and 5 was filler. The show needed to spent way more time with Joel, Henry, Ellie and Sam evading anonymous hunters and fighting some infected in the sewers. Episode 7 was filler We didn't need this one at all. There's a reason this wasn't in the original game. Harrison Ford shifted to "oscar movies" from 1985 to 1991, then returned to cheesy action flics and comedies. Because the Fireflies in Boston got destroyed by FEDRA. This is why Marlene is wounded and why the fireflies outpost outside the QZ are all dead. Maybe it's not as clear on the show. In the game, Marlene is mortally wounded and asks Joel and Tess, who are smugglers, to lead Ellie to a firefly outpost outside the Boston Quarantine Zone. Joel and Tess run into dead fireflies. Joel and Ellie go to Tommy who might know where to find other Fireflies. Who then sends the two to Colorado where they find an abandoned Fireflies lab and notes about regrouping at the Utah hospital. Marlene survived and as the leaders of the Firefly, she's at the current HQ at the Utah hospital. They have similar features (large jaw, long face) but that's about it. Ashely Johnson has prettier eyes, a straight nose, beautiful lips and she certainly doesn't look odd. It was ok, but literally every single scene lifted from the game was better acted by Troy Baker. My final verdict for the whole season: Waste of time. They didn't improve anything over the game. All new additions were pointless (Kathleen, tendrils, hive mind, christian cult, 2 entire episodes wasted on flashbacks) They rushed forward and forgot to give us horror/action scenes with the infected and let Joel and Ellie Bond. In the game, they are all dead because Joel is killing them under the cover of a snowstorm. Also, when Joel finds Ellie, he doesn't know what just happened to her on the show. In the game, he breaks into the restaurant as Ellie is turning David's face into mush. Going north in a zombie apocalypse would mean not having to worry about zombies or infected for 3-5 months. They'll freeze until spring. Gas only last a couple of months before turning bad. You can stretch its life with perfectly sealed containers and additive, but that will just give you more months, not years. View all replies >