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Happy Birthday Wow.....Just....Wow! The pair of them need cancelling..... The OG Semi decent Bruce Willis DTV effort (not without problems) Scrimshaw R.I.P. Post up possible names for the new series (or episodes) here: It seemed to gain traction *after* the cinema? Happy Birthday View all posts >


This was back in the day when Annie had no real competition (in terms of huge blockbusters) He was considered *that* big, that it made sense that the only star big enough to mock Schwarzenegger *was* himself. I'm guessing Arnold figured he was big enough to second guess his fanbase (and re-write the rules) after all, he'd done a couple of (successful) comedies by this point (and essentially watered down the Terminator franchise, by becoming the hero) The word-of-mouth surrounding Jurassic Park's groundbreaking CGI FX was big news...and suddenly the likes of Schwarzenegger (once the only required 'effect' in his movies) took a back seat to near-seemless CGI technology (a tonal-shift which Schwarzenegger himself, ushered in with T2 a few years earlier) As it stands, I actually prefer LAST ACTION HERO over Jurassic Park (which ironically, like T2 before it, is largely remembered *for* it's FX, and little else) If it's any consolation (millionaire) Bruce Willis is 67. (there's a key-word hidden amid that previous statement) 'Bent a few elbows' this afternoon/evening (must be having a 'Bukowski-Moment') I haven't liked a Tarantino film since 'City On Fire' As I previously mentioned, forgo the budgetary/technical constraints associated with Shivers & Rabid (and instead concentrate on the ideas /implications behind such) and I'm have to say I prefer Cronenberg over Lynch (given that the latter can only do his 'weird' schtick, and little else) Croneenberg has (at very least) proven himself to be a seasoned all-arounder. As it stands, I couldn't give a dry-Ethiopian-fart for anything Scorsese did after 'Raging Bull' (despite his subsequent popularity) And don't get me started on Tarantino? I guess 'taste' is truly subjective? In regards to this songs sudden resurgence, it's a mixture of repulsion and pride (ultimately, I'm just glad an actual 'great' song is out-sourcing shite by Beyonce'/ Swift/ Cardi-B and all the other shite that clogs up the 'charts') I can only hope it leads to the 'youth' searching out other good songs (without the benefit of a shite TV show telling them to) Perhaps such enlightenment, may improve their actual choice in TV shows , also? What do think of Rabid, Shivers, Dead Zone? I'll be honest and say I'm indifferent about 'The Fly' or 'Videodrome' Part 2 (never got the 'love' for #4?) His 'Biden inauguration' concert, pretty much 'undone' everything he'd done previously. But like most millionaires (of his age group) he likely resonates with what Biden is saying and/or doing (or more importantly...not saying/doing) Given his initial budgets...both 'Shivers' and 'Rabid' (the latter especially) are masterpieces. I also think highly of 'Eastern Promises' too View all replies >