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New 'woke' disclaimer on 4K release Cameron planning another? Love Sly....but this show is bad. Cross-eyed R.I.P. R.I.P. Wow...bad movie fans rejoice Wow...bad movie fans rejoice All black remake Threatens to (quote) "F**k up anyone who criticizes drag queens" View all posts >


Kevin Spacey? Happy Birthday Mr Keach Ninth Configuration Fat City Road Games It always reminded me of Martin Sheen's semi-nude/conscious thai-chi sequence (in Apocalypse Now) I love this movie. It's a (low-rent) thriller, that (despite it's many flaws) is still entertaining. Can't ask (nor expect) anything more from a movie Who-Hair! Awww...are you all hurty-wurty about the poor Ukrainians? Another 'zinger' right there, Kowalski. Congratulations (are all your other 35K+ posts *that* informative?) View all replies >