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Quite possibly the greatest movie ever made Never Islam, is it? So...'Ghostwatch' (1993) then? Happy Birthday Sifu The poster screams 'Biden Voter' Is J-lo(l)'s pussy *THAT* good? They missed a trick by not releasing this during 'Black History Month' The 2005 version was fine Happy (posthumous) Birthday Why are most TVshows amoral? View all posts >


R.I.P. Susan Backlenie When the shark jumps out of the water (followed by Quint shooting it with the Harpoon) it roars. I give less than a dry ethiopian-fart for the fact that it roars...the movie is still perfect. R.I.P. Susan Backlinie Same with Rick Moranis a few years back. The perps are usually the same colour (it's a cultural thing) It shows a (percieved) futuristic UK to resemble a dreary, graffiti-strewn, third-world shithole...which in all actuality, wasn't as bad (upon initial release?) Pretty much on the money (imo) Unlike the rest of us, the OP has obviously never been bitten in half by a Great White Shark before? Yup, she had green hair and a shit-eating grin throughout the movie (likely due to the fact there was zero sense of danger throughout) Travolta deserves so much better. I'm a huge Travolta fan (even his DTV stuff) and I'm currently ten minutes into this, and (so-far) it's jaw-droppingly bad. The acting is porno level and Travolta (especially) is acting like he's either: 1) suffering from a debilitating stroke 2) drunk/stoned The movie itself looks like a series of out-takes. There's an almost Neil Breen quality about it. I'll stick with it (but only because of my penchant for Bad-Movies) Go easy with him (upon his return) Like all westerners meddling in 'foreign politics'....he'll be soooooo genuinely upset that the IDF are still killing the shit out those raghead, terrorist motherfuckers (despite 26 weeks of fruitless protests from those who would collectively cross any road to avoid an actual Palestinian?) Perhaps give him a week or two before asking him any 'Rocky' questions? Miley. There's one in the trailer (with Mickey in the church) Surely your 'college-professor' sound have mentioned this? View all replies >