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So it's going to be 'The Wiz 2.0' then (and little else?) Annie Hall Capricorn One (And especially) Soldier Of Orange (Not forgetting) Saturday Night Fever, too ...were indeed, much better. Hoffman Cobra (nowadays) would likely have to 'talk' criminals out of committing crime (as opposed to shooting them) whilst apologising for his white-privelege' to his new black partner? He'd also have to cut down on the muscles (in case he offended 'upholstered' people) ...And (apparently) we'll all have to be grateful for such enrichment? I actually prefer the directors cut...only because the original (Predator, Lost Boys, Goonies-style-fanboy hyperbole aside) wasn't all that to start with. Yeah, he's promised the 'Amity Townsfolk' that he'd catch the fish (and given his dwellings, he had built up a pretty good 'rep' for doing such, previously) So to radio in for 'help" was a sign of weakness for Quint. Or...In short...Ego. ^This^ You're forgetting that Black people are free from blame, responsibility and/or consequences of their actions (or lack of?) Because of slavery (and shit) If Beyonce wants to culturally misappropriate...that's fine. If Beyonce wants to call whites out for cultural misappropriation...that's fine. It's a double standard that, we once had the right to question...but gave it away (in the name of political correctness) to allow the term 'hate speech' to be twisted beyond all recognition, to fit whatever narrative, Beyonce (or any other POC) feels like embodying that day? Don't like anything that blacks do? Tough-shit, you're now a racist. Let them kill you, rape you, rob you (or even themselves) Let them burn, loot and trash countries that (in reality) neither wants nor needs them (let alone, forces them to live in) Question nothing...lest you be deemed racist. This 'convenient' excuse (and 'shoulder-chip') will stay with blacks throughout time (just don't ever question who actually sold their own into slavery) and be content that multi-millionaires (like Beyonce) are here (making further millions by) lecturing us all on a inequality. Beats working for a living, I guess? Yup...He was even spotted in the audience, 'getting down' to some V-Ice 'Ninja Rap' near the end too Jokes aside, R.I.P. (Quote) "I wanted to see black families too which eventually happened. Then, I complained about the lack of Hispanics which slowly happened" Good God man, are you for real? You sound like such a bedwetting, malcontent, spastic. Everyone on here has tore you a new one for your opinion (or lack of?) And you sneak back in with a (frankly) pathetic whinge about *YOUR* need to see more black faces on television (when you were a child) Please elaborate on the proportionality on blacks in America back then (given that you're obviously a stickler for 'representation') Do you think (silly question?) that despite the actual small percentage of Blacks in America, that they're under-represented? Or better yet, just pull your trusty race-card? (like you've done so many times, when faced with cold, hard facts) So you have an obvious gripe with Denzel Washington, then? that rationale...other roles (that get swapped from white-to-black...past, present and future) are equallly as (quote) "important" to the that particular skin colour/ethnicity? I look forward to reading all your previous posts lambasting the (likewise) 'Blackwashing' on the message boards for: Annie James Bond Dr Who Anne Boleyn (cough, cough) The Karate Kid Ghostbusters Dr Dolittle The Wiz The Equalizer Etc Etc I think he's asexual (but his childlike, uber innocent, over-earnest, work-first-life-later ethic, pigeonholes him in the Michael Jackson category) in which people will invariably speculate? What I do find odd, is that in this day and age, that anyone still use his sexuality (especially *if* he were gay) as a slur against him anyhow? Masque of the Red Death Feel free to refute anything I've said? Did Blacks not sell their own into slavery? Do blacks still practice such? You probably think the evil white man went over to darkest Africa (armed with butterfly nets) You're so full of shit, you need a flush installed into your neck? ^Handclap^ Blacks (conveniently) forget that they invented slavery, sold their own into it (and still practice it to this very day) Those that were born in western countries, constantly bemoan their location and dress, talk and identify with countries/continents....that they'd never actually want to live in? Moore was the best. Get fucked. As you can has. Btw, you're right. You've done nothing but deflect (with the cutting and pastery of other people's a poor substitute for your own?) Here's my stance: 1) Why shouldn't a white person portray the black panther? 2) How come you know so little about Tarzan's actual heritage (fictional or not) given that you label everyone who disagrees with you a racist? Never said apes talk in real life (only in the book...which you clearly know nothing about, despite constantly bemoaning about the character?) Feel free to look it Edgar Rice Boroughs book, the apes have a 'language' of their own...and dub the (white) boy 'Tarzan' (meaning 'White Skin')