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I thought the following films were all good to pretty good. I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu (2019) - 2.4 Teenage Caveman (dir. Larry Clark, 2002) - 3.3 Nudist Colony of the Dead (1991) - 3.9 Area 51 (2015) - 4.2 The Devil Inside (2012) - 4.2 Body of Evidence (1993) - 4.5 A Hole In My Heart (2004) - 4.5 Pervert! (2007) - 4.5 Freddy Got Fingered (2001) - 4.6 Trash Humpers (2008) - 5.1 Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992) - 5.5 Hellraiser: Inferno (2000) - 5.5 Scream 3 (2000) - 5.5 The Box (2009) - 5.5 V/H/S (2012) - 5.8 The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008) - 5.9 I wonder what the sequel will feature. I literally also saw this in the cinema with my grandma. She was terrified. So was I (I was 10 ok). Larry - Steve Buscemi Prostitute - Lindsay Lohan Fawn - Margot Robbie Faith - Halle Berry Eve - Kat Dennings Lefty - Ian Gomez Pimp - Forrest Whittaker Comedian & drummer - Ricky Gervais & Karl Pilkington Convenience store owner - M Night Shyamalan Taxi driver - Kevin Pollack Nightclub bouncer - Sylvester Stallone Directed by David Lynch I'm sure someone can pull this cast together Does he actually have good films? I've watched a few of his films, and they have great T&A and not a lot else. Open to suggestions if you have any. I have seen: Les amazones du temple d'or (5/10) Die Sklavinnen (5/10) Des diamants pour l'enfer (1/10) El tesoro de la diosa blanca (5/10) Yeah this seems to be the consensus in this thread and I think I agree. Thank you for your intelligent and non angry response! People saying you can't discuss plot holes is arguably an annoying trend to. This will be my last response to you due to your poor grammar. "CAMERA IS MAKING THE SHOT,NOT IN THE SHOT" - this does not rebut my point that you see what the camera sees, and that this camera is a proxy for an independent observer. "CAMERA AND THE SHIP ARE BOTH MOVING" - I agree that this is a possible explanation, that the ship is at low speed relative to a moving camera. "AN ITEM IN FRAME AND STATIONARY IS THE ONLY WAY TO JUDGE ACTUAL SPEED OF MOVEMENT" - You're right. But if you look at my original post, I made the assumption that the camera was stationary, so you could have simply responded with "What if the camera is moving too", which is something I hadn't considered at that point. Also, even if something else is in frame, you'd have no way of knowing it is stationary. In fact, nothing is truly stationary. Everything orbits something. I have already rebutted this point above, and my rebuttal received no further rebuttal: "You don't see a camera, but the movie was filmed with a camera. And, you do see what the camera sees. So the camera is a proxy for an independent observer." Yes I think I agree that your hypothesis is the most likely. Nah I genuinely wasn't sure what you meant. I don't know why you're being so evasive with clarification, but nevertheless, yes think that I have now worked out what you meant. View all replies >