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/gasp Just my own! Dr. Temperance Brennan (BONES) I think this just shows how Beck is no ordinary person. Something is clearly off with her and that's probably why Joe was so attracted to her in the first place. I'd prefer that she just stays in his head. I want a new character for the next season. That would have been epic. I'd very much like to see Dr. Nicky in S2 again. I was thinking about Dexter as well while watching the show. He, Dexter, at least made thorough research about the people he offed. Joe, on the other hand, acted without having a concrete plan or a backup plan for when things go to sht. Okay, maybe he did. Maybe he was also acting in his voice-overs to make it seem that he didn't have a plan... or that he would somehow fck things up for himself. Ugh. Whatever he did, props to him because I felt so dang stressed watching him navigate all the killings he did. Drove me crazy... those tall, naked windows. Ugh. 2012. I was at a college friend's birthday party. I didn't get the memo that they spiked the drinks (but ofc they did!) Not a beer person myself. I can't quiet understand the taste. Dropping by to adore your username. Great choice. View all replies >