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I dont write correctly for an opinion board and no I havent spoken to him since, nor would I want to I didnt know who his accomplice was no but kind of obvious he had one. Am I high???????? Errrrr no bit of a daft thing to say Exactly, if I were Andy I would have had to say what the hell did you want me to do????????? Go on them your so intelligent Miranda tellme!! Aww I like James. I couldnt date him but couldnt date Jerry either. Yeuch Aww right gotcha. Thanks Oh my go, shes just rediculous. If somebody spoke like that to me Id be like whats wrong with you???? Did you see the way he died???? Nobody dies like that A night in Whats an RP accent??????? Can u stop abbreviating and just write the word. Why didnt he hand the tape to the police View all replies >