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Where the horses have no name. Does Squirrel season open in October where you live also? LMAO I would say lesson learned: bring more live rounds. Love it! It resides on my shelf in VHS format. 👍 Such a good feeling looking back on certain times that feel like magic. A mom and pop video store got me into all the obscure stuff at an early age too. Sounds like a dream living above one!! I won’t let you piss on hospitality. I won’t allow it!!! But, but Grand Pa Seth!!! I really do miss the old school video stores. What kind of oh my Goooooood is that? Lol I approve of your selection of Troll 2 above all! Troll 2?? Ah yes, you do mean the best of the best! I’ve seen a man called horse. I think White Fang has Franco Nero also! 👍 Tom Berenger. He was fantastic in Platoon then poof? That’s sometimes a hard question because this genre can be somewhat an acquired taste. I’ve recommended these to people and many times and their common reply might be something along the lines of “what did I just watch?” Most are gritty and violent filled with ugly men, beautiful women, shootouts, gratuitous nudity, non stop drinking and car chases. I swear there’s some kind of product placement for J&B whisky throughout the entire genre. Oh, and since I know your exquisite taste in music, they are usually accompanied by a kick ass soundtrack. Another thing I love about them is that the Italian directors tended to go with the flow of what’s popular at any given time. So the same directors who pumped out the spaghetti westerns of the 60’s might switch to poliziotteschi or giallo for a while in the 70’s and possibly transition to horror or adventure into the 80’s. for example if your a Fulci or Lenzi horror fan it’s interesting to see their style applied to a Eurocrime film. I would say to try Street Law or Italian Connection for starters. Street Law (1974) benefits from a great actor like Franco Nero as lead and a wonderful soundtrack. It’s your basic citizens revenge against crooks without help of the inept and corrupt police scenario. Italian Connection (1972) is one of my favorites with Henry Silva (with his Stone face) and former NFL player Woody Strode as two American hit men sent to Italy to conduct a hit on a low level pimp. Mario Adorf, as the pimp, has a face made for these films and earned whatever he was paid after all the running he did in this production. This trailer is so damn 70’s: Lastly, here is a link to a cool documentary trailer on Eurocrime showing interviews with bad asses like John Saxon. Tons of titles to pick from: Butch’s girlfriend Fabinne does. 😀 Kowalski I am just ahead of you and I must report there is hope. My daughter is sixteen and we still watch and talk about films daily. So the meth pipe doesn’t necessarily have to be in your future! 😀 I live on a couple of acres too and when I got goats for the kids the area we kept them in was full of sapling smaller trees. Within six months they cleared it completely.