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Yes! I can’t wait for your review! This dude hits rock bottom! “if the bad guy stinks the movie is just no good” I agree with ya there. If you haven’t seen Italian Connection (1972) it’s worth checking out. Silva is a hit man and he’s ruthless as hell, slapping around ladies and I think he even shoots a kitten. Lol. Since you haven’t seen Wake in Fright you may want to check it out. It really took me by surprise. He really is very interesting. I’ve watched a lot of his filmography that available streaming and I’ve discovered all kinds of cool films. They do say a great one comes around once every 120 years. We need someone like that in these times. I haven’t seen any boom boxes but I have seen several ghetto blasters now that you mention it. I’m going to be waiting for this announcement. 😆 This is one of those years that I have no favorites from. Henry Silva 91 Most of my favorites fall into that category but since I watch so many they have become the norm. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Don’t worry. I’ll take your advice and report back. I can’t believe it’s not butter. Yeah, they say he’s anal about many things. I had to stop at the ten minute mark but thank you for posting. Exactly. 👆 Yes he did. Little Bob is always a prick. I know what you mean. It’s amazing to me how the worst day can be made to feel so much better when I come home and my dogs are so excited to see me every time. This is like the scar scene in Jaws so “I got that beat.” Lol A couple of friends and I were in a small boat several miles out in the marsh and a huge storm sprung up so we pulled under a drilling platform with it’s wooden deck above our heads for shelter to ride it out. We had caught some fish earlier, so I got the Coleman stove going in the boat and we started cooking for lunch. Little did we know a huge flock of Egrets must have been on top of the platform all day before the storm because suddenly white bird poop started raining down on us through the cracks in the boards. We were covered in white and so was the inside of the boat including the frying pan cooking the fish. We had to throw the meal out and go swimming. 😃