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Troll 2 (1990) There are others like you. I too have never seen a superhero movie from this century but I have never seen The Wolf of Wall Street either. 😀 Do you mean like this???? Pam Grier John Saxon Franco Nero Eric Stoltz I seem to remember a Camp Arawak from somewhere. Yes, Lost Boys. I love when Michael visits their hideout and eats the rice. I haven’t seen this one yet. We are supposed to have black bears here also but I’ve yet to see one in the woods. I think they may be more numerous in the northern part of our state. When I hear of frost on the pumpkin I say hello country bumpkin. I don’t eat Taco Bell much anymore but in the 90’s where I’m from it was the only drive through that was open 24 hours. After the clubs and bars closed at 2 Taco Bells were jammed with people. Waffle Houses were too but you had to go inside. Same here! View all replies >