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That’s it! One of your selection has one of the best fist fights in film history. Yep, Code Red offers it in Blu-ray also. Added to my list buddy! I thought this was going to be a 2 Live Crew song. It’s certainly odd and gritty. I love when Cuda says “Nos-fer-atu!” It Would be better to do a top 10 vampire films. 😀 Hmmm, I’m going to be looking up The Blackcoat’s Daughter. Try posting in the politics forum The Beyond (1981) Suspiria (1977) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) The Woman in Black (1989) Phenomena (1985) Hell of the Living Dead (1980) Pieces (1982) The Thing (1982) Sleepaway Camp (1983) Martin (1977) Nightmare City (1980) This is a hard list to make. You should post horror sub genre top list so we can include more of our favorites. 😀👍 I’ve heard the Russians are fond of the poison route as well. View all replies >