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Who are Rogan’s managers? Stop replying to him. Yes, yes! A shunning! I’m glad ya saw it. Django (1966) is definitely one of my favorites. Oh, and Nero is also in Tarantino’s Django Unchained, but a small part. That is acceptable No slow driving in the passing lane. Franco Nero should be everyone’s favorite actor. Look at his mustache. The mustache cannot even hide underneath his ninja hood. 😀 I get all my data out of LetterboxD, which only list top actors regardless of sex. I omitted the obscure secondary character actors that are in so many of the movies I watch. Franco Nero - 36 Klaus Kenski - 26 Ivan Rassimov - 23 John Steiner - 20 Charles Bronson - 20 Henry Silva - 20 Clint Eastwood - 18 John Saxon - 17 George Eastman - 16 Tomas Milian - 16 Peter Cushing is the actor off your list that I would probably have the most films watched. He always gave a great performance in every thing I’ve seen him in. View all replies >