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“I’m going to sacrifice a woman just for you” 😀 My favorites on your list include Tenebre, Deep Red and The New York Ripper. You have a couple there I have not seen yet so I’ll add them to my watch list. thanks! Ah yes! I’m so glad you have not seen Blood Rage!! You are in for a serious treat when you do and please let me know after. You are going to be talking about cranberry sauce for days after. 😄 Of course :) I do agree about the charm and nostalgic feeling when watching certain movies on VHS. I have a bunch of older horror on VHS instead of DVD and there’s just something great about watching them on that format. I’ll make a new post in the general forums where we can list our favorite slashers. I just watched Jaws again this morning. It would be impossible for me to even get a close guess as to how many times I’ve seen it Mr Buxtom from Pee Wee’s big adventure. Ok the bike has a 2 cylinder engine and one cylinder is bad just like you could have a v8 car motor with one cylinder bad. I think even though they say all they need is a cylinder, to fix the problem the part needed would have 2. Could it have to do with money? Can’t a film sell more tickets if it’s PG-13? I The look on the muscle guy counselor’s face is saying just that: WTF???!!?? 😂 View all replies >