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You arrived on the scene just in time! So how common is it for a home’s basement to flood from a broken pipe? I’ve heard there is a sequel in production. Yep, flooding is no fun at all! We had a massive flood in 2016. Like over 30” of rainfall in a couple of days. Crazy stuff. Wow Shogun, you are prepared for sure. There aren’t any basements here where I live but that does sound like a good plan if we did. Very cool that they are automatic. Oh yeah, floods are no fun at all. Did anyone in your area flood with that rain event? I picked up GN’R Lies on vinyl the other day and it was pricey. I do think One In a Million is one of their best songs even with the controversial lyrics. I’ve been curious if they play it live these days. Very well said! Did they play one in a million? That sounds like it’s going to be great. Let us know how it goes. Just what kind of trustworthy sources? View all replies >