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Yes, and very good chemistry. I just saw on another website that John was supposed to be 55 years old and Victoria was 29 so that is an age gap of 26 years, but still well portrayed. Never saw that movie The point is likely to show this is a 2010 adaptation of the novel and the year of the movie. Oh, okay The psychiatrist gave an explanation. Sounds right to me. She never dreamed of what she would find and she wanted to let Mitch sleep. It is called shock and panic. Try putting yourself in their place. This and the novel is what the movie is based on. But there was no explanation given in the movie as to why the attacks occurred. It is left up to each viewer as to the reason. But then you ignore what the writers were trying to do: give the viewers a reason to sympathize with Norman. Norman was not a failure. A failure is someone who doesn't try to break free from what is causing their mental illness. Norman honestly tried to do this. I totally agree with you. To lump it into the slasher category ignores the inventive way the murders were handled. This movie had class and depended on suspense, not on blood and gore. View all replies >