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You do not need to see multiple tornadoes or see what they are doing for this to be a tornado type film. This was a disaster movie which focused on the characters rather than the disaster. I also found a story that says a lady or princess was running away from Turkish soldiers who wanted to rape her. She accidentally drowned in the river. That might be where the writers of movie got the idea as to how to portray her death. Try watching again and caring for both human and animal characters. Consider the phrase, "whatever it takes" and all it meant in the movie, how people did exactly that and what that means to you. Watch the movie again and try, this time, to care for his character, what he has been through and is now going through. Do research on veterans that have "shell shock" and you will find that the actor accurately portrayed his character. Next, consider the phrase, "whatever it takes" and how that powerful phrase goes through the movie. Godzilla and Ford did not share a bond with each other, but as both were weary soldiers, they were tired at the end of the battle with the Mutos. This and the scene of him and Godzilla looking at each other was not to show a bond between them, but to have the viewers bond with them. For me, it worked perfectly. I watched the movie with feeling for the characters. The murders were not dealt with in totally a comedic way, so that was a bit scary, but other parts of the movie were purely comedic. So for me, it was both equally. The ID wasn't false. It is just that she forgot to change it after the accident. No, it is not said what the government wanted her for, but they no doubt would have found out about her accident, how it changed her. Then they might have kept her for scientific research. If I knew someone in her situation, I sure would think the government would do that. I'll have to look for that when I watch the movie again. Watch the movie and you will see. I'm not spoiling the film. No. She even said she feared they wanted to study her. You might be right, but I don't blame her for being afraid, Yes, unfortunately so. View all replies >