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It´s a harsh yet concrete point of view of daily routine... The Best "Light" Comedy I´ve Seen In Years When is it gonna get released? Sterling Jerins owned every scene she had! (Spoiler) India Eisley´s best work to this day... Starts up painfully awful, finishes off magistrally The photography is Awesome! Cheap Feeling Mess If the problem was the day light the solution was the night! It has that something.... View all posts >


I´ll be happy to awnser that for you, and that is bc literally is ILLEGAL!,yup for real illegal there´s a rule of film makers sort of speaking that states that no movie can implicate the killing of infants, that´s why and for those who think he didn´t do it bc it was over the top shit, i mean c´mon why the fucking character would´ve give two shits about killing a baby? if it´s supposed that he´s a heartless psycho... that scene was totally unnecessary starting from the point that it´s illegal implying it,so yeah, that´s why. No worries,english it's not my first language so it's normal that seems odd to natives ;D,i do my best tho. Of course you and i were,i mean fucking machines stripped us out of our world?! Fuck that!!, i really hope this piece of trash doesn't get a part two bc there's no way they're gonna make the humans win... i mean it's kinda possible, you said it yourself "470+" days so... i mean,we're young and kinda wasted and some dude says that he knows a place where we can still partying so...yeah We could take it as like the demon just didn't want it the game to end,and i mean c'mon he's a demon so no morals there... "physical aspects of friendship" dafuq is that? xD i'd pick Olivia btw He was just trying to be the hero :p View all replies >