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I´ll be happy to awnser that for you, and that is bc literally is ILLEGAL!,yup for real illegal there´s a rule of film makers sort of speaking that states that no movie can implicate the killing of infants, that´s why and for those who think he didn´t do it bc it was over the top shit, i mean c´mon why the fucking character would´ve give two shits about killing a baby? if it´s supposed that he´s a heartless psycho... that scene was totally unnecessary starting from the point that it´s illegal implying it,so yeah, that´s why. No worries,english it's not my first language so it's normal that seems odd to natives ;D,i do my best tho. Of course you and i were,i mean fucking machines stripped us out of our world?! Fuck that!!, i really hope this piece of trash doesn't get a part two bc there's no way they're gonna make the humans win... i mean it's kinda possible, you said it yourself "470+" days so... i mean,we're young and kinda wasted and some dude says that he knows a place where we can still partying so...yeah We could take it as like the demon just didn't want it the game to end,and i mean c'mon he's a demon so no morals there... "physical aspects of friendship" dafuq is that? xD i'd pick Olivia btw He was just trying to be the hero :p