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Read this and tell me you still believe in global warming R.I.P. Ruth Bader Ginsberg No they don't Study: White males most likely to deny climate change Military Occupations Now Supported By Far More Democrats Than Republicans Washington Post supported every war including Vietnam Trump brings troops home for Chrismas, liberals go ballistic Trump ends the war against Syria. Impeachment is imminent When will the Mueller investigation end? New Jersey Governor first act in office: Create department to help illegals evade deportation View all posts >


But liberals are the ones who caused the Iraq war. Kagan and Kristol founded PNAC and planned our foreign policy at least as far back as Bill Clinton, who accused Iraq of having chemical weapons. It was the New York Times who upgraded that charge to WMDs. It was Obama who fought to extend the Bush timetables for withdrawal. Everyone involved endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. It was liberals who cried for John McCain, liberals whose hearts melted for Bush when he gave Moochelle a candy, liberals who called it treason that Trump would even question why we're still in NATO, why we still have military troops in Korea 70 years later, etc... Regime change is an official plank of the Democratic Party platform listed on their website. Anyone who questions war is a part of a racist antisemitic Russian conspiracy. Twitter banned the NPC meme, for election interference. Thinking that you're just communicating wrong, or that we're too dumb to understand, those are just self serving excuses for more censorship, re-education, and other brutality. Get a clue, Church Lady. We don't like you. Don't hate the player, hate the game. You can hardly blame a Trump supporter for a moderation system of censorship. 99 times out of a hundred it would be him who gets victimized by your side. But racism isn't an issue for you. You're obviously white. You're just virtue signaling, like George Bush who always made sure to say how great Islam is before slaughtering them. Wait, didn't Obama unite America? That's what your media said, just like they said conservatives are Russian bots, and Iraq has WMDs. How utterly clueless are you that you still repeat these lies? It's the first time you've ever lost and it won't be the last. I prefer the surreal Batman Returns, but making things "realistic" could have worked better if the dialogue hadn't been so childish and try-hard. If dumb liberals weren't crying about how "piracy is theft", anyone could make a Star Wars movie, and Disney wouldn't have billions of dollars to push social justice messages anymore. If Clinton was secretly Republican, Bush was secretly Democrat and both parties are the same. What you're saying is meaningless. But right wingers certainly don't like Clinton as you suggest, and they don't like Bush either. Guess who does. The social justice left. Wealthy Hollywood liberals aren't doing enough to push black actors on us? How do you tie your shoes in the morning? Here's the thing. Where are the Oscars for black/female/whatever cinematographers? Cinematography is far less prestigious, less visible, and less well paid than acting. Yet blacks/women/whatever are far more likely to win for acting. Cinematography is also far more technical. We see this everywhere. Look at Nobel Prizes. Blacks/women/whatever win the subjective awards, like literature. They don't win the more objective awards, like physics. You see, when we as a society have discretion, we use it in favor of blacks/women/whatever. Not against them. You need those elitist dickbags, because they're on your side. Maybe it's time to rethink where you stand? I love them. The plot is always the least interesting part of a movie. Spoilers help discourage silly plot twists and surprise endings. It's also definitely a free speech issue. A lot of forums ban them. If you want to insulate yourself from information about a movie, it should be your responsibility to insulate yourself from information about a movie. You shouldn't feel so privlidged that you can just dump your burden onto other people and restrict their freedom to discuss on a discussion board. Is the movie making money or isn't it? Make up your mind and grow up. It's the OP doing preemptive damage control, not me. You just wanted to pick a fight. Mission Accomplished movies are pumped out constantly. Look at Spielberg. Look up something called "A Timeless Call". That's the movie he made for the Democratic National Convention to glorify Democrat initiated wars. Why doesn't society condemn him? View all replies >