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Here is Hillary Clinton speaking at a pro-circumcision event: [url][/url] Huh? I was associating the two together. The future is vegan, and the future is also obese. The top three most consumed foods by calories are wheat flour, corn syrup, and soybean oil, in that order. The rise of vegan foods tracks well with the rise of western diseases including obesity. Plant proteins such as gluten from wheat flour are often the plant's form of defense mechanism, and disruptive to gut lining or bacteria. Plant oils like polyunsaturated omega 6 in soybean oil are highly inflammatory and oxidize easily making them entirely unsuitable for cooking. Plants also tend to be carbohydrate laden and desensitize the body to insulin. This is how we bulk up, if we're bodybuilders, or cows in a feedlot. The micronutrient situation isn't any better. We always hear about vitamin B-12, but even something as common as vitamin A isn't found in plants. Carrots have Beta Carotene, a precursor. Two thirds of people don't convert it well or barely at all. The conversion of AHA to DHA is near zero in most men. Other animals are very good at making these conversions. That's why we eat them. We let them do the work our bodies can't do, making the nutrition bioavailable for us by being higher up on the food chain. We're becoming estrogen dominant soy boys because this diet is being promoted by all the large corporations that make money from this highly processed junk food. The creator of the world's first battered women's shelter got beat up when she tried to make one for men. There's a hostility on the left to the point that feminist organizations would prefer to hurt men than to help women. Think about the way they address the issue of circumcision. That's just terrible. Rachael Maddow would never say anything that Fortune 500 corporations disagree with. This is one big giant middle finger to the poor, you and the Judas goat OP explaining to the rubes why we have to keep running Hillaries instead of Bernies. You guys really need to lose this condescending idea you have about being right on policy but wrong on language. Language is all you have, and you have a monopoly on it. Everybody is fully aware of your positions. We hear them in the schools and see them defended on TV everyday. "We need an unrelenting stream of immigrants pouring over the border". That's Joe Biden, and it's not his language that's the problem. Unscripted doesn't work for your side. Respectability does. Your side requires exactly the kind of careful slow boil planning that you paradoxically advocated as a reason to support Joe Biden. Your side is trying to win a war against nature. You want to tell us there are 57 genders and we're all equal, you want to ban everything from meat to guns. You want regulation and control of everything so badly, and it all starts with censoring social media. Give yourself some credit. You've done a heck of a job promoting some really unpalatable ideas. The country has gone from 90% white to 60% white in a couple generations, yet you still pretend the country is shifting right rather than left. You've kept AIPAC and the real reason for our Middle East wars completely under wraps. Bravo. Censorship is the top of your agenda, and working great. But on a personal level, you've lost your ability to ever persuade anyone because your placed yourselves in a bubble so far out of touch with the other side. You're the establishment now and people hate you for it. I'm going to let you in on a secret. As a Trump supporter, I would vote for Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yanglin over Trump. I would have even voted for Sanders if he hadn't rolled over for Hillary. I would never ever consider voting for Biden. So here you come, nice compassionate progressive, and you think you're compromising by promoting Biden? You're a spoiled rotten brat. It neuteres your ability to use the racism card against Trump. No Leftist is going to vote against Biden, but independents will. You also lose the ability to play the sexism card. Trump may have bragged about "sexual assault", but then here we have Biden caught on tape actually doing it, multiple times, including to little girls. Intelligence is heritable. No. You're supposed to call him a Russian bot. Twitter banned the NPC meme because it was being used against you guys. Why didn't they give that secret recipie to Jeb Bush? He doesn't speak Russian? View all replies >