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Said he'd end wars not start new ones

Obama rode to power on anti-war sentiment in the aftermath of George Bush's "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Leftists told us Obama was our savior. He would end the wars and restore our country. He even had a Nobel Peace Prize to prove it.

People didn't have much choice. The other guy was John McCain, who confused even war hungry journalists when he said he would take us into "phase 2". He was referring to the neo-conservative Project for a New American Century plan to bring peace to the Middle East. But all the plan was was a hit list of countries to destroy. Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Iran, etc... Coincidentally these are Israel's neighbors and the authors of the plan just happen to be dual citizens. This is the plan that predates 9/11, helping to explain why we targeted countries that had nothing to do with it. Deep state wheels were already in motion.

We didn't need John McCain to do it. Obama put Hillary Clinton in charge of his foreign policy and she wasted no time toppling one after the other. She even threw in Libya for good measure. "We came, we saw, he died, haha haha". Even Bush's old wars were expanded under Obama, beyond his own timetables. Somewhere along the line they got brazen. "Regime change" was officially added to the Democrat Party Platform on their website.

Finally the invasion of Syria was about to get off the ground when Russia stepped in. NATO was never supposed to expand beyond Europe. Next thing you know, Americans are being bombarded with agitation propaganda about how Putin is a dictator, and he oppresses homosexuals, and he's bent on world domination. Who knew? America sends the CIA into neighboring Ukraine to stir up trouble and rig elections. Russia asserts its right to the Crimea, America screams, "See? I told you so". America sanctions Russia and threatens a "no-fly-zone" over Syria, so that it can be invaded in peace.

Then something terrible happens. Warmonger Hillary loses the election and the job cannot be finished. In desperation the media tries an old trick, the false flag. Instead of WMDs in Iraq, this time it's chemical weapons in Syria. Assad is committing atrocities, against children! Trump shot a missile, all the Democrats and world leaders and media collectively heaped praise on him, egging him on for more. He resisted. Later he even pulled a surprise withdrawal. The media goes nuts. There's a right way and a wrong way to leave. Even Noam Chompsky condemns him, for betraying a group of people you've never heard of. It's going to be a bloodbath, for our allies. Trump is a Russia agent. Oy vey!

You know what I learned from this? Obama wasn't really against war, sure, but neither were his supporters. That's the big reveal. I think many people suspected he was a media creation, and we all know the media prioritizes wars for Israel above all else. But it seemed like there was at least a strong anti-war contingent somewhere on the left. Not anymore. We've got your number. You are our enemy.


Well, most Americans (I'd say 75%) support interfering with other countries' right to self-rule. Even the UN is set up to regulate how countries run themselves. The true Peacenik movement is about as delusional as the Anti-Abortion/Pro-life movement. Nobody is truly Pro-life and if they had to they would kill another human being to assure their own survival.


The US is governed by war mongers. The problem is, when you pick one candidate with anti-war rhetoric - you begin to doubt all others as well.

Anti-war campaign speeches get you elected, but what happens after - it always seems to be more of the same. Every fucking US presidento that ran on anti-war platform started new wars.