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Cameron Crowe: Almost Famous (2000) 71 Jerry Maguire (1996) 65 Vanilla Sky (2001) 55 We Bought a Zoo (2011) 50 Elizabethtown (2005) 45 Say Anything..... (1989) 40 Singles (1992) 39 Aloha (2015) 33 He's not exactly active for a director very Hollywood in that sense the lackluster state of his filmography isn't the least bit surprising to me. 100: A+. The cream of the crop. Haven't graded anything this high IIRC. 91-99: A. Excellence. 82-90: A-. Very good/great work from my POV. 73-81: B+. Generally well-done and possibly deserving of placement on an annual top 10 list. 64-72: B. Not bad, far from great, elements leave something to be desired. 55-63: B-. Somewhat mediocre. Passable, but not far removed from low tier. 46-54: C+. Not good. Rather disappointing though it could be worse for whatever reason. 37-45: C. Quite bad. 29-36: C-. Woeful on the whole, technicalities like cinematic presentation can still be competent though. 19-27: D+. Very very bad, quality is generally awful. 10-18: D. Like the above, only taken down a notch and even more amateurish. 1-9: D-. Godawful, thoroughly trashy. 0: F. The very bottom of the barrel. Haven't graded anything this low IIRC. With that out of the way, last week's lineup: The Girlfriends (1955, Michelangelo Antonioni) 71/100 Hi, Mom! (1970, Brian DePalma) 49 Still Breathing (1998, James F. Robinson) 72 Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991, Steve Miner) 27 Fargo (1996, Joel Coen) (rewatch) 68 - Buscemi isn't likable in the least for a main character or even a lowlife thug (casting makes perfect sense here) but at least he gets fed to a wood chipper. HealtH (1980, Robert Altman) 29 Hard Core Logo (1996, Bruce McDonald) 36 - Canada, bleh. Tekken: Blood Vengeance (2011, Youichi Mouri) 81 Drunken Angel (1948, Akira Kurosawa) 49 The Joy Luck Club (1993, Wayne Wang) 72 Smoke Signals (1998, Chris Eyre) 18 The Darjeeling Limited (2007, Wes Anderson) 44 - immensely boring esp. given the setting, was never much of a fan of this director though. Big Trouble (2002, Barry Sonnenfeld) 33 Strangers on a Train (1951, Alfred Hitchcock) (rewatch) 61 Home Invasion (2016, David Tennant) 37 Contempt (1963, Jean-Luc Godard) 60 Annie Hall (1977, Woody Allen) (rewatch) 73 Not a good film in the least, but not bottom tier either. On the meager list of positives, Powers Boothe makes perfect sense as a villain. It's too bad Pernicious is a second-rate (I'd say somewhat worse) gorefest at the core more or less, with plot twists that seem to have carefully eyed the I Know What You Did...... horror flicks, so........ The acting's not the worst, the production values were decent and at least two of the three chicks were kind of hot, but it's.........bleh (hence the 5/10 rating). And that ending sure didn't leave anything resembling a good aftertaste. Woody no way do I consider admirable. One-dimensional L.A. geek who is occasionally tolerable if only because he's made way too many films and they can't all be one-man shows. Unfortunately, this week I watched a lot of crap for the first time. Crap or disappointing stuff. Lost Highway is imperfect/flawed but nowhere near as bad or uninteresting as a lot of this. Of course some of it going in I wasn't expecting much from to begin with (Veronica Guerin, Patient Killer, the newest Spider-Man, etc.). The Monty Python compilation was occasionally funny (i.e. the dental sketch) but that's it. Even the better stuff I watched was plagued by annoyances.....such as the requisite Latino 'actor/actress' in the Brando film. Dragonslayer (1981, Matthew Robbins) 35/100 Elizabethtown (2005, Cameron Crowe) (rewatch) 45 Pernicious (2014, James Cullen Bressack) (rewatch) 51 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993, Stuart Gillard) 41 Deterrence (1999, Rod Lurie) 45 Mother's Day (2010, Darren Lynn Bousman) 38 My Cousin Vinny (1992, Jonathan Lynn) 35 Rio Bravo (1959, Howard Hawks) (rewatch) 80 Mighty Aphrodite (1995, Woody Allen) 45 The Post (2017, Steven Spielberg) 34 Quintet (1979, Robert Altman) 48 Veronica Guerin (2003, Joel Schumacher) 41 Selomine (1953, Budd Boetticher) 51 Code of Silence (1985, Andrew Davis) 35 Jungle Fever (1991, Spike Lee) 32 True Crime (1999, Clint Eastwood) 37 Patient Killer (2014, Casper Van Dien) 48 And Now for Something Completely Different (1971, Ian MacNaughton) 53 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017, Jon Watts) 43 Take the Money and Run (1969, Woody Allen) 42 The Bad Batch (2016, Ana Lily Amirpour) 33 Tales of the Taira Clan (1955, Kenji Mizoguchi) 58 One-Eyed Jacks (1961, Marlon Brando) 68 Midnight Cowboy's overrated - not crap - in large part because Buck/Rizzo don't evolve much as characters throughout the movie, so the ending is almost telegraphable. DotJ was crappy, dullsville imo. Zinnemann doesn't give it much personality and Mr. Fox is amateurish, one-note as the assassin himself. As for my filmviewing week, it was pretty average. Mission to Mars (2000, Brian DePalma) 29/100 The Color of Money (1986, Martin Scorsese) 47 The Vanquished (1952, Michelangelo Antonioni) 44 Geostorm (2017, Dean Devlin) 47 Blowup (1966, Michelangelo Antonioni) (rewatch) 67 Mumford (1999, Lawrence Kasdan) 38 God of Gamblers (1989, Wong Jing) 55 Honkytonk Man (1982, Clint Eastwood) (rewatch) 68 Alphaville (1965, Jean-Luc Godard) 67 Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (1998, Tim McCanlies) 36 - and to think for something so banal/uneventful it apparently has a good online reputation. House of Flying Daggers (2004, Zhang Yimou) 60 The Client (1994, Joel Schumacher) (rewatch) 33 The Dark Tower (2017, Nikolaj Arcel) 46 "Fantasia 2000" (1999, various) 49 Cruise's looks have vastly improved over time if anything. Back in the '80s he was a kind of unsightly presence tbh. Silence is kind of mediocre and muddled. In fact Scorsese tends to be kind of vacant, a tad lost even whenever he's not working with his star of choice DeNiro. Sixteen Candles (1984, John Hughes) 42/100 Festival (1996, Im Kwon-taek) 69 The Whole Nine Yards (2000, Jonathan Lynn) 31 The Hudsucker Proxy (1994, Joel Coen) 52 As Tears Go By (1988, Wong Kar-Wai) 45 The Long Goodbye (1973, Robert Altman) (rewatch) 71 A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999, Michael Hoffman) 44 JCVD (2008, Mabrouk El Mechri) 47 Halloweentown High (2004, Mark A.Z. Dippe) 55 La Notte (1961, Michelangelo Antonioni) 69 Julius Caesar (1970, Stuart Burge) 45 A Perfect Murder (1998, Andrew Davis) (rewatch) 56 Dogville (2003, Lars von Trier) (rewatch) 70 The Paper (1994, Ron Howard) 52 Southland Tales (2006, Richard Kelly) 50 Jason Robards and William Shakespeare adaptations.......seem real hit/miss to me (didn't view any good/decent ones this week). Both probably even more wildly varying in quality on the whole than an obvious vanity project like Dogville. Keaton or Natalie Portman, even when she was blatantly excused for being underage way back two decades ago. Both rarely deviate from a 'bitchy' mode. Next all of Wong Kar-Wai's movies to date: In the Mood for Love (2000) 75 Chungking Express (1994) 73 Days of Being Wild (1990) 71 Fallen Angels (1995) 70 The Grandmaster (2013) 66 Ashes of Time (1994) 56 2046 (2004) 51 My Blueberry Nights (2007) 48 As Tears Go By (1988) 45 Happy Together (1997) 42 [quote]When you listed the BBird movies, what did the numbers after the date mean?[/quote] Personal ratings out of 100. So my 46 for The Incredibles means around 4.5/10 or so, hovering around a C grade. General audiences/critics were far, far more receptive to The Incredibles than Ratatouille in general, despite it being more shrill and unsubtle and not surprisingly, more popular. View all replies >