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Another clue. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! Is this an occult ceremony? How did she open her mouth so wide? Wow!! This movie was creepy, but NOT the scariest horror movie of all time! Horrible boss, telling the cop to beat the young waiter up. What kinda meat was in the bucket? Also, what did the cop see in the mirror? There should have been a sequel! Any other movies deal with NDE's? The star necklace the lady was wearing was NOT a pentagram. How did Redferne travel to the future? Do witch hunters have special powers, too? View all posts >


The long, steel thing that Eliot shoved into Paul is called a trocar. It is used by M.E.'s and morticians to start the embalming process. We NEVER saw that thing shoved into Anna's body. She was killed by being buried alive, which caused her to suffocate. Paul was killed by the trocar. Awesome post! Yes, she woulda started stinking BAD if she were dead. The embalming process was not done. No "Y" shaped incision on her chest, where the medical examiner opens her up to do the autopsy. No corpse is going to be animate like that! EVER! Not even if Eliot was a mortician with a special gift to talk to the dead. The M.E. HAD to be in on it! OR maybe the mortician pulls double-duty as a M.E.? The trocar inserted into Paul's body, right into a vital organ, ended his life right away. That is a sad ending of a movie. The two young lovers WERE alive, but this mortician/serial killer hybrid killed them both. Evil nutcase! I had a friend in my youth who loved making freak scenes during halloween. He used something called mortician's wax to make his hand look like it was caught in a blender. He freaked people out left and right, because it looked so real. It looked so gruesome, but it was fake as hell. He was a young kid doing this. Imagine what an adult mortician, who really preps dead bodies for funerals, can do. Imagine a gruesome car accident, where a person is almost beheaded. He could, with all the tools of the trade, make the head look good as new, with no traumatic injury. it is apparent that she was alive all the while, and the mortician was a serial killer who buries the living, causing their deaths from suffocation, stuck inside a casket six feet underground, with no air to breathe. That is why this movie is a horror movie. It wasn't a mortician with a gift to talk to the dead. He was a wicked serial killer. There were so many clues. If she were dead, how could she trash the examination room? How could she fog up the mirror with her breath? She has NO way of doing that if she is dead. The ending, where Paul tells him that she was alive, and he killed her. The mortician then sticks the trocar into his body, into a vital organ, and that is it for him. He's dead. The sad thing is, the little boy was probably told to put the chick into the box and bury it, killing it the same way. He taught the boy how to bury animals alive, and after he gets older, he will graduate to doing the same to humans. Yeah, how times have changed. I am in the process of buying a speedy new gaming laptop. It is made by MSI, and it has 8 gigabytes of RAM in it! Mind=Blown!!!! I think back when i had an Atari 800! 48k!! Gosh!!! It is just a part of Spanish. Recently, i heard the term "movil", which is the Spanish word for "mobile". I wholeheartedly agree! I love her! She is soooo beautiful! I am awaiting with anticipation any new movies she appears in!! like i said, there shoulda been a sequel to SOTW. I don't remember a horror movie ever made where millions of kids were targetted and murdered. The only movie i remember where children were attacked was the movie "The Children", back in the late 70's/early 80's. It was a movie, where a bus full of schoolkids passed a nuclear plant, and somehow made these kids radioactive killers. the kids would touch people and kill them. It was very cheesy. One of the townspeople, an old man, asked Cockran in a low voice "What happened" after Cockran and his androids showed up to take Marge Guttman away after the little electronic thingamajig misfired, causing bugs to crawl out of her maw. Yes, the townspeople knew the sinister goings on at the mask plant. so what killed him? being bitten by those snakes would EVENTUALLY kill him, since he had been given no antivenom, but he died TOO fast. Or maybe he fainted, or a big guy like him probably had a coronary after seeing his son killed and hundreds of those beetles crawled out of his head. View all replies >