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Great actress, so authentic Star Quality! Never speak of this again! It is now merely a future therapy bill agreed? This show has me asking ... Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" in Opening Scene Soup Nazi first referenced in Sleepless in Seattle Carol Kane is fantastic in this. Jack Lemmon Cheap Detective with Peter Falk Hilarious! View all posts >


New Mexico has 'excusable homicide' as a legal category, which may mean no criminal charges in this case, according to this article: Hard to believe he never won an Oscar. AGENT: Hang on a second, Harry, I've got Nicole on the other line. HARRY: Oh, I'll let you go, I know how those stars are. AGENT: Not this one, Harry, not this one. (click) Hey there, Ms. Kidman, what can I do for you today? KIDMAN: I found one! I found a script I really want to do! AGENT: That's great Ms. Kidman, what convinced you? KIDMAN: There's a great handjob scene halfway through the second act! It specifically says "disgusted"! This is what I've been training for! AGENT: Okay, but you know, people are starting to wonder if you're becoming type-cast. Wouldn't you like to try enjoying one for once? KIDMAN: Did Marlon Brando enjoy giving handjobs? I don't think so! Anyway, I'm not a method actor. Hmm... but maybe... AGENT: Uh, I'll have to look into that. Okay, send the script over, and we'll get the lawyers working on the contract, make sure the "no pleasure" clause is airtight, the whole 9 yards, you know, the way you insisted we do it, anything for you, Ms. Kidman. Did you watch the whole movie or just the scene? It fits the mood of the movie perfectly. Mel Brooks as Frank Sinatra singing "America, the Beautiful" ("from sea to... shooby doo") Anyone who has seen Casino Royale (1967) knows that anyone can be James Bond. Well, I don't have a problem with an age difference like that, but I really don't see anything attractive about him either. (I know a generation of women swooned for him, but I really can't figure out why!) Let joy be monumental. There's such a wide variety of shapes for mushrooms, I bet he's saying he has no penis at all! Let me know when it's streaming. View all replies >