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"Astronomy" declared best Blue Oyster Cult song. My favorite thing about this movie This movie is on AMAZON! Taking a break The night is dark and full of terrors. PROPOSAL: Split the politics board in two BLM is a fine movement Best actress of the current crop? Most eccentric role? Stumbled onto this View all posts >


Oh well that's the issue then. I've simply never known one who wanted a roll in the hay! "Astronomy! A star!" What about Bob? Yeah, I understand. I just had no idea women knew about it. I'm confused, are you calling me a fascist for some reason? all you fascists are born to lose - woody guthrie I did like her in several things I can't remember the names of. But I haven't seen Manhattan in forever, so I should probably take another gander at some point and see if I haven't changed my mind. Tbone! It has Donna Summer and Jeff Goldblum. How kind of you not to tell us what it is! What is it? View all replies >