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I didn't really care for it, thought the show was about twice as long as it should have been, and the scenes with the two detectives talking were boring and pointless. There were good scenes in the show as well, but it was, in my opinion, extremely padded. I did enjoy Raiders, but I would put it at the rank of popcorn flick. Nothing terribly insightful about human nature, no great work of art, just an enjoyable movie. Saving Private Ryan was good. The others you mention didn't grab me at all. (Well, Jaws I still haven't seen.) I don't have to conclude anything. Do you mean you have to conclude? How dare you get upset by that when clearly Glengarry Glen Ross is the bigger snub? Don't worry, everyone has a first time. Actually I agree with you on Edge of Tomorrow and Vanilla Sky. I did like him in those. Oh. I don't know if I should be ashamed to admit I've still never seen Top Gun. I was sour on Tom Cruise after Risky Business. (But he redeemed himself in Tropic Thunder. Didn't even know it was him!) Ghost Rider? What the hell does that mean? I think you're confusing irritating with disgusting. Guess this doesn't count really, but in January it'll have been 100 years since Isaac Asimov's birth. I sort of agree. Not that there wasn't a story, there was, but I do think there was too much focus on the DiCaprio and Pitt characters and they were unsatisfyingly (for me) developed. The other characters were all more interesting, but we didn't get enough of them. I've also got a soft spot for Tim Roth, so I wonder what we missed when he got cut. The ending didn't really feel right either. It was like a mis-shapen puzzle piece being jammed into a jigsaw puzzle. Of course there was the difference with historical events, but this was more than that. It didn't feel like it flowed from the film organically. It felt forced. View all replies >