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More proof IMDB scores are nonsense If Bruce Dern were unreasonably happy ... What happens to him? "Four big bags of pot, Mr. Depp! Four big bags of pot!" "No, you're fine." Do these guys all go to the same barber? Does he remind you of Winston Churchill? How big was his doodle? What if he won? Do you agree with Snopes? "We've got the zeros, all we need is the eight!" A few years ago ... Is this a Norm MacDonald joke? Pabst Blue Ribbon! Jeanne Moreau Looks amazing If you own a Tesla, be careful with the autopilot! This guy thinks Insider Trading should be eligible for Free Speech. Was this less than two months ago? "SEC probes trading by Elon Musk and brother in wake of Tesla CEO sales" -- hmm... mention Twitter in the 2nd sent Is she paparazzi?