ducksoup's Replies

Now bask in the royalties. I far preferred Jules and Jim. Quel dommage! But not groups. That's sensible. You don't want to get sued if they get stuck going through at the same time. Instant Woman... that sounds like a good brand name, make sure you trademark it. I think it is considered extremely bad manners to hold a door open with your dick for anyone of any gender. But maybe that's just me. Hundreds of sexual organs may sound fantastic (in one sense or another), but believe me, it's (probably) no picnic! Yeah, that's a real talent. The union is not going to let that job go to just anybody. Some of the episodes are really good if you enjoy dystopian science fiction. I'm afraid I didn't take detailed notes, and I don't have access to the movie at the moment, so I regret that I cannot answer. I should let you know that I am an ecclectic viewer though, and what grabs me about a movie may not grab other audience members. I still feel this way, even after having finished the movie. That wasn't what I intended to say, certainly. I forget what happened to Masuka. Belle du Jour -- that poor husband didn't get any. As I understand it, some people do choose, but most let nature take its course. I hope they use my idea for a Dexter revival: Deb becomes Dexter's new Harry. Split personality? Look either go full Kowalski or go away. Well that thought had certainly not occurred to me!