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Favorite Movies of the 1970s?

We have a lot of new users, and regulars who have probably seen handfuls of movies since this was last posted, so here goes...

I posted these in order. I'd love to see some you have on your list that I haven't seen.

Harry and Tonto
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
A Woman Under The Influence
Harold And Maude
McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Mikey and Nicky
Chit-Chat On The Nile
A Clockwork Orange
Minnie And Moskowitz
Last Tango In Paris
The Godfather
The Conversation
Fat City
Annie Hall
The Godfather: Part II
Five Easy Pieces
A Brief Vacation
Opening Night
The Ear
The Last Detail
Serie Noire
The Fifth Seal
Nuts In May
The Working-Class Goes To Heaven
Alice In The Cities
Mr. Klein
Death In Venice
Straw Dogs
Barry Lyndon
The Outlaw Josey Wales
Paper Moon
The Yellow Handkerchief
Johnny Got His Gun
The Deer Hunter
Lies My Father Told Me
10 Rillington Place
Zandy's Bride
The New Centurions
The Horse
The Getaway


Great list from everyone, most all my 70's favs listed.

The only two I can add for me.

Sometimes a Great Notion (71)
The Andromeda Strain (71)


I just watched The Last Picture Show (1971) directed by Peter Bogdanovich which had a great cast, including Cybil Shepard, Cloris Leachman, Ellen Burstyn, Eileen Brennan. Apparently Brando advised him to shoot it in B&W. I really can't imagine it would be nearly as good as it is if it had been made in color.

I believe the last movie from the 70s I saw before that was Donkey Skin (1970) directed by Jacques Demy, a French fairy tale explaining, I guess, why little girls don't marry their daddies (because their fairy godmother wants him instead? If I understood the film!) Wonderful performances by Catherine Deneuve and Delphine Seyrig.


Willy Wonka
The Ariatocats
The exorcist

(Sorry don't know if much more)


In no particular order.

Dirty Harry
Star Wars
Taxi Driver
The Exorcist
A Clockwork Orange
The Omen
The Conversation