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Easily Carpenter’s worst film by a county mile Oldest looking college class ever, completely absurd Season 7 is kind of a train wreck Kind of ugly, not a great actor in my opinion. She should avoid action movies. Vikander is the best female action star of all time Do people realize that the TV News is fake? View all posts >


Agreed, fantastic film......nitpicking aside 👍🏻 I don’t equate performance with box office numbers so I don’t think you have a point here. Once again here are the facts: 1.)Weaver cannot ride a bike 2.) Vikander did all of her own stunts 3. Weaver hardly did any action in ‘Aliens’, she lightly jogged and fired her gun a few times, plus she was very out of shape. 4.) Vikander is actually hot, making her a triple threat. 5.) Tomb Raider was the most physically challenging role for a female in the history of cinema and the movie is the best video game adapted film of all time. These facts cannot be argued, that’s all I’m trying to say. She’s a little too wimpy I think to pull off Lara Croft. Vikander is emotionally stronger and plus she knows how to ride a bike properly. That’s debatable lol, Blunt almost single handedly ruined ‘Sicario’. Also she probably can’t even ride a bike all that great. Yes because acting ability, being athletic, and being believable on screen isn’t important. They should have definitely cast someone who doesn’t know how to ride a bike and just use cgi for the action parts. Brilliant!!! Yeah cuz Jackie Chan wasn’t a 40 year old midget during his prime years. Pfffffff please, Vikander was in the best shape of her life and did all of her own stunts, I honestly can’t imagine any other female Hollywood actress pulling off what she did. She did pack on 15 pounds of muscle for this role, or would you rather she just pack on some more weight in general? I prefer my chicks to look healthy and be able to ride bikes, hence why I think Vikander has the perfect female body. So you haven’t even seen the movie? Thank you for confirming that you’re in fact a troll. “How would you even know this?” Hmmmm well I’ve seen over 100 action movies with a female lead and determined which of those is the “best”. Not really rocket science, maybe you should read “Teaching basic logic to children” fifth edition. You should really take your own advice and go see the movie, it’s kind of pointless to troll a movie you’ve never even seen don’t ya think? Maybe just stick with your favorite movie ‘Tristan and Isolde’? Now run along sport, fans of Tomb Raider are trying to discuss things, go on.... Hey, if riding bikes were so easy then why can’t Leslie Jones or Hilary Clinton do it? She’s going soooo fast too, think about it. Unfortunately my post got reported, I can’t discuss that matter further. Long story short, this movie is a masterpiece. maybe you should see the movie before commenting, now there’s a thought. View all replies >