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Ok I take it all back, it wasn't bad actually. lol I agree she's effortlessly classy and charming. This movie is incredibly boring. Smith and Robbie are on screen too much and their chemistry is flat, with few supporting characters to really mix things up a bit and play off someone else. Just a slow paced boring movie. I didn't read the books but the movie has very lazy writing--"Oh my Pan, Ragnar!" being an example of dialogue that throws vague European myths all in the same mish-mosh pot together. "Gyptists" "Norroway" all such lazy derivatives. I did like the look of the movie and Nicole Kidman looked beautiful, so there's that. I put it on par with the Narnia movies, a book series which I did read as I child but the movie(s) was just off. Maybe "murder" is a bit imprecise but I think it's pretty spot-on. Jim robbed her of the best years of her life to fritter away on a cruise ship that will never arrive at its destination in her lifetime. Definitely was not in her plans and gave her no choice. He somewhat redeemed himself at the end when he offered the medical cryopod. I would've taken it in a hot minute and peaced out; what he did was invasive and creepy. Farrell is much sexier than that Sarandon guy, who was always super creepy to me in every role he played. I really like this movie, including the music and visuals, even the end credits. The casting was great as well, Colin Powell has staying power as an actor and this was the perfect role for him. Great little film. She was very believably menacing in Dredd, totally bought her as a drug kingpin. Her character Ma-ma has a charisma rare in movie villains. It was really melodramatic and overdone, including the swelling music throughout which was very distracting. Acting from Diana's mother was terrible, like the actress knew it was an overwrought piece of garbage. About the only thing I liked was the little British secretary woman--more of her please. Yeah not a fan. ETA i was a little harsh on this film in retrospect. I liked Chris Pine and the twist with Aries at the end. Overall not bad. I felt very sorry for her throughout the movie. She did initially set out on the right path--college courses, getting a job, etc, but caved as the first challenges set in. An elegant classy woman like Jasmine could at the very least have gotten a job in higher-end retail or as a hostess in a fancy restaurant and would've eventually climbed back up in social status, maybe not as high as before but certainly a doctor or lawyer's wife was attainable for her. View all replies >