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I'm almost through ep2 it's getting very whiny Whining cringe festival. Wickerman with whining. No Whining! You are most unexcellent. :turd: :pokes_with_stick: Nice, it's a good show, glad to see it gets another season. Even if it is infested with white man bad racist bullshit. Now it's real, coming to the streets near you It's happening I used to have that same Marantz tube amp / receiver... Quality right there. That's one piece of gear I wish I held on to. About halfway through the movie. It just got tedious and boring by that point. Thanks Einstein, lol All the police, prison guards, the medical examiner, FBI, etc are ALL people of color (except for a few extras on the swat team). While ALL the bad guys, crazies and psycho killers are white. The most normal white person is the sister, and she's a self centered b**** "horribly racist bonds"? You whiners making everything about race these days have set back equality 20 years. But I agree Spectre was pretty weak. Too long, and too boring. It's been garbage for a long time now. It's not just the departure of Gibson. The stories are cookie cutter nonsense that seems like they could be written by a computer. And the increasing pushing of propaganda didn't help either. A surprisingly great film. Phoenix was superb as Johnny Cash. Yes, it really is. He is both Evil and Idiotic. [url][/url] If you admire the man, you are probably idiotic as well. Experimenting on third world children with toxic vaccines is not "philanthropy". Bezos sucks too. But he's more just straight up greedy and glory hungry than evil. It was a good final episode. But Bill is an evil POS. Who knows where we could be today if we didn't have a win at all costs evil mega corporation squashing competitors, stealing their innovations and destroying their start ups through the early years of the PC? Triggered! Who's the snowflake? That tough guy side to him was very funny and unexpected. He contributed a lot to the series. The whole Gwart thing was a little weird though? lol Realizes he likes it. Hence the "Rise".