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I'm irked about the Rise of Skywalker Blu Ray! Season 3. WTF? The 4K remaster isn't just an upscale.... Cool thing about the 4K restoration on Blu Ray Spartacus explored all the themes of this show in a much better way.... So light speed skipping? JJ cut coming and sooner than you think So the home video release is still the cut version? The Phantom of the Opera is the new Bond villain?!!! Big problem with this plot [spoiler] View all posts >


Will never happen unless the entire franchise is rebooted. It's a great show, especially when you consider all the troubles it had in production. Crassus had been built up a bit in the earlier seasons via dialogue. We just don't see him until the final season. It probably would have been fleshed out more, but Rob Tapert had a feeling Starz would drop the show after what ended up being the final season. So they decided to do a time jump and wrap it up before they could be canceled. I think they made the right call. Not to me. Supposedly, it's coming. In the meantime, Harmy's Despecialized cut is the next best thing. [quoteAlso I heard when selling it to Disney, Lucas put a clause in the contract that they couldn't ever release the original versions because he hates them and doesn't wish for them to ever be released.[/quote]That's a rumor spread on message boards, but I have yet to see any legitimate source that confirms this. This movie was stupid. Even worse than the first one. The third movie was actually decent. I recommend that one. It's probably good for the movie, but I do wish it was in the deleted scenes. Seriously. They both trained pretty hard to make that scene and it was cut. Then they didn't even include it in the deleted scenes on the Blu Ray. My theory is Stallone is upset that his fight with Dolph was cut from the movie. It was BOSS! View all replies >