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When did JJ say Palps will be back in the flesh? *Spoiler* So Daniel basically 3D Blu Ray has best 3D of all Star Wars movies.... Did Rocky's third fight with Apollo take 5 years? Apparently one episode is censored on the new Blu Ray set The Rocky statue Will I like this if I thought SOA was lame? Is this a prequel to 8 Seconds? I thought I was just about to have watched every Raimi/Tapert TV series.... Evil Dead homage?! View all posts >


Deadwood burned between when the show ended and the movie takes place. I think something happened to make Stallone bow out. Not sure what, but I'm not so sure they'll make more without him. The QOS gunbarrel is my favorite of the Craig era, except for the fact that it's at the end.... The Use Your Illusion albums, which probably should count as one album in two parts.... Totally agree. Bruce Campbell last year. No. I wouldn't consider AC/DC or GN'R to be metal. Appetite is a solid album though. This should have been made back in the day when Kevin Sorbo could have fit the bill. I don't know if I'd call it a "good" movie, but it's definitely fun.... View all replies >