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When did JJ say Palps will be back in the flesh? *Spoiler* So Daniel basically 3D Blu Ray has best 3D of all Star Wars movies.... Did Rocky's third fight with Apollo take 5 years? Apparently one episode is censored on the new Blu Ray set The Rocky statue Will I like this if I thought SOA was lame? Is this a prequel to 8 Seconds? I thought I was just about to have watched every Raimi/Tapert TV series.... Evil Dead homage?! View all posts >


I think she'll be more prominent as the show goes on.... lolwtf?!!!! I always thought it would have been cool if Dalton played Bond in the opening for [i]GoldenEye[/i] (9 years earlier) and Brosnan played Bond the rest of the movie with no explanation.... lol at how mad you got. Gabrielle is older than the rest of the cast. She's supposed to look older because she is. I think you're right, but I may change my mind once I see all the episodes. That said, I think it's a fun way to bring them all back together. On Fox. It's also up on Hulu. Should've been here with me, homey! I have DVDs that already have disc rot and won't play. Shrek in the desert sucked. View all replies >