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Renewed for Season 2! New trailer Anyone else getting popup ads when clicking on threads? Did anyone else read the novelization? Does anyone remember the "sequel" on TNT in the early 2000s? Rank the first six episodes New trailer! I'm irked about the Rise of Skywalker Blu Ray! Season 3. WTF? The 4K remaster isn't just an upscale.... View all posts >


RIP The one he wore on Supergirl was better. It was renewed in December. I think he was. That's why he did community service to help reduce his sentence. "They've beaten him [Daniel] to a pulp already, and he's going to kill him. No mercy." -Robert Mark Kamen Writer of The Karate Kid The writer trumps your fan theory. [quote]The show after all is called "Cobra Kai". Should it not be from Cobra Kai's POV then?[/quote] I always took the series title to be like "The Skulls", "Children of the Corn", or "Spectre". It's named after the villainous organization. Johnny was wrapped up in it and thought he could change it. Now he sees the only real option is to get rid of it. Johnny was exaggerating events in his re-telling to make Daniel seem more like a bully and him sound more like a victim. I took the "brain damage" comment as part of that exaggeration. I saw Temple of Doom in theatres. I didn't get it was a prequel until I re-watched later on VHS. I recall those parts and thought it was odd too. But, at the end of the day, it's even more odd how skeptical Indy is in Raiders if you take the TV show into account. No. Documentaries reveal it was an intentional choice. Lucas said they made the film a prequel as he did not want the Nazis to be the villains once more. Temple of Doom takes place in 1935. Raiders takes place in 1936. View all replies >