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No. In the original T2, only one T-800 and one T-1000 were sent back from the Skynet timeline to 1994. This movie changes that T2 storypoint to now say multiple Terminators were sent back from the Skynet timeline to different times in the past. This movie made that change. Nah. It sucked. Even Genysis was better. But the T-800s and T-1000 were sent from the Skynet timeline. My complaint is still valid. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the original, they were only able to send one Terminator back and Kyle Reese because the resistance destroyed the time travel device after Reese goes back. In T2, the future is altered because of the hand left at the end of the original, but I assumed a similar scenario existed for the two Terminators coming back (time travel device was destroyed). Now in this film, we learn that Skynet was able to send back a slew of Terminators when the T-1000 was sent back. So why didn't they just send the T-1000 with 5 or 6 T-800s all at once to get John and Sarah? Lol. Why scatter them over different times? So lame…. [quote]Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is better[/quote] Than The Last Crusade. I agree. TOD is better than both of them, though.... It sucked ass. I prefer this to the first film lolwut? No. I can separate a character from an actor. I still enjoy Roseanne, 7th Heaven, and Cosby Show reruns too. Like Terminator and Highlander, it's a "choose your own adventure" franchise. lolwut? They could have avoided using Nazis without making it a prequel. She gave him Han's medal. I noticed it was a prequel when I was 8-9 years old. You could. Raiders was first released on VHS in 1981. I had a 1983 release and it had a teaser for Temple of Doom on it. https://youtu.be/5R4cEI-tkCw Yep. That is correct. Glad to know it's my opinion. I was worried it was being transmitted into my brain by Obama. Thanks for the clarification.... Pretty much any scene with Furlong in it sucks. I don't know. All the silly banter the Terminator has with John Connor in T2 is cringe-worthy. Maybe T3 has more humor, but it does it better, IMO. The dorky glasses is the only example you gave that's a problem. The other examples are fine in the context of the film.