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Where’s the attention? Title Ape Man (SPOILERS) Dominic's assassination Vicky Krieps' Sudden Luxembourgish Accent Faster, Pussycat, Kill Identical Ending to Crimson Peak (SPOILERS) So how exactly did they pull it all off? (Spoilers) All in a day? Or a week goes by? View all posts >


Thank you! Yes. It was wrong. Have you seen it yet? It’s amazing. It’s another beautiful, wonderful film by Barry Jenkins in which he was in complete control of a very clear vision and perfectly realized it. This is an excellent post. I do believe she wanted some sort of adventure before dying and I've always wondered if she saw herself as, or least saw the opportunity to however briefly be, a mentor and teacher in introducing them to this part of adulthood. Of course they'd already "been introduced," but she didn't necessarily know that, and even if she had, she could have thought being with a woman was different from being with a girl and that that was an experience she could provide. It does seem their relationship was ruined because of their kiss, but that's not necessarily her fault. It was their own insecurity that made them too uncomfortable to continue their friendship. I think their polarized socio-economic backgrounds was going to bring the friendship to an end soon anyway and that this kiss was a bit of a catalyst. I agree 100%. I wanted to love this movie, being a fan of Cuarón, but there not being a single, concise plot and there being 0 close-ups kept me from ever being pulled in. The close-ups are the main problem for me. It is interesting how needed close-ups are when it comes to pulling a viewer into a character's world. I think the actors did a great job but I feel that I didn't see what a great job they did because everything was shot so wide. Ultimately, it felt like 2 1/4 hours of brilliant cinematography and not too much more. I don't agree with your 2, I just watched it last night and I'm leaning toward a 7, but I agree wholeheartedly that it was beautifully shot but that that alone does not make a movie good. I feel Mid90's an overall better film than Roma because it let us into its characters' lives which I feel Roma really didn't. I have a couple of questions and I hope we can be civil because they come from a place of true curiosity. 1. Do you consider any of the following race baiting? 12 Years a Slave, Django Unchained, Schindler's List, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, In The Fade, The Color Purple, In the Heat of the Night, Boyz N The Hood, Fruitvale Station. 2. Generally, how do you define race baiting? 3. When you think about Millennials, are you thinking about high school and college students or 22-37 year-olds? To be clear, do you suggest that 46,000,000 black Americans should be unconcerned with racism and that any who suggest racism isn't over are themselves racist? I was not. Thanks! View all replies >