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I saw the wrong Mule I was trying to watch the 2018 movie and saw this instead Should have been titled "Mixed Nuts" (spoiler alerts) Why Ebbing? Let's analyze Phantom Thread (SPoilers...only for those who've seen it) Parallels to Howard Hughes? View all posts >


I'm probably gonna watch it tonight, though the previews didn't excite me as much as this movie and I loathe Nicholas cage, but I'll watch it for the director. What did you think of it? I was more curious about the MKultra angle and atmosphere of this movie vs. the violence/gore/blood of "mandy" 2019 and I can't believe I never heard of it til this week. Pretty good. Not perfect, but overall great compared to the shit they pump out today. Mi Familia! Kind of your typical drug running movie like this. I'll do this once, because my friend asked me to The first delivery was so easy and the $$$ so much, I'll just do one more and I can buy a new truck. This is so easy, I'll just keep doing it. Once you're in, you can't quit If I get pulled over, I'll just keep kettle corn in the trunk to buy off the cops The Boss loves me I can afford two chicks at once, this is amazing! It's all fun and games til someone gets greedy. Boss gets eliminated Chaos and Carelessness ensues. It was an ok watch, but the entire story was a bit hard to swallow. They jumped the shark. Sense of humor was never SJW's strong suit. Entertaining, but nothing special or deep. Not a rewatch. I was hoping for a tricky ending. The cartel probably would have murdered his entire family for losing $7m in dope. We don't even see if the cartel gets taken down. I think the point was to just stall and buy free time exploiting the shitty court system. The dialogue after plea was cringy. Yes...really campy and unrealistic....even discounting the 1200 Baud modem hacking. I'll say the concept was ahead of it's time though. I had my first "internet" experience around 1982 in 4th grade playing a textual golf/Bowling game where we could take home a suitcase computer and dial up on a modem (the kind you put the phone receiver on). The the internet didn't really become a thing again for me until the 90s oddly enough. I think the Military involvement (or Cabal/CIA) is quite realistic and true to life and was a compelling conflict of interest. Similar to real life when someone discovers something and others want to use it for evil purposes. We're heading in this direction now, which is what drew me to this movie (heard about it on boiler room podcast). The joking around and putting the device on a monkeys head and some other stuff was a bit questionable too. Overall a good movie. I found myself asking why there would be water activated soap/suds in a computer related factory....that whole thing was really stupid and went on far too long. They hacked and streamed like they had a T1 line too, not copper dial up...even from a pay phone. Similar concept explored more deeply in Strange days and Vanilla Sky...if you like this one...those did it somewhat better. I did find the visual effects impressive. Same guy who worked on 2001. BBC is fascist UK state sponsored. You sound racist. The "real world". What a joke. Typical liberal looking down their nose at other people. Hypocrite much? You're divisive, based on where someone was born or chooses to live and have the nerve to virtue signal about "racism". View all replies >