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I saw the wrong Mule I was trying to watch the 2018 movie and saw this instead Should have been titled "Mixed Nuts" (spoiler alerts) Why Ebbing? Let's analyze Phantom Thread (SPoilers...only for those who've seen it) Parallels to Howard Hughes? View all posts >


I enjoyed it and I didn't have very high hopes and read a lot of the whiny reviews prior. Inherent Vice TWBB The Master Magnolia 2nd tier The rest. IV & TWBB are among my all time favs. Perfection. Both are masterpieces. Thank God for PTA in a time of shitty movies. The best time tested movies aren't always box office successes. Nowhere above Inherent Vice There will be Blood The Master Magnolia I could put it in a tie with the others. I didn't love Punch Drunk Love like some others, so that's my least fav. It's ok, but nowhere as good as the top 4 IMO. It definitely could have been better, but I think Silicon Valley is a cult already. FB, Goog, Apple, TWTR ..all cults with cult leaders. The censorship and PC culture in reality is worse than portrayed in the movie...but yeah I see your point in some other ways. I went in expecting some of that so, in a way it seemed like it was a parody poking fun at itself, but kinda walked the line of drama/parody in parts. Even the casting was "multicultural" with Token's. I read the posts here before watching and expected it to be worse. I was surprised I finished watching it. At least it wasn't long, but it wasn't that great either. 5.5, which is higher than 4's it got. Had a few positive elements, but nothing I'd recommend or ever watch again. Hollywood has put out mostly crap in the last 3 years...and this is no different. LOL....7 years later and you gave me a laugh..thanks! Ninth gate is a 10/10. Stigmata was good, but was a long time ago I saw it. This movie sucked pretty much. 5.5/10 CGI Yeah, I watched this recently after a long long time having seen it before. Pretty bad overall. Duvall was good. The movie had it's moments, but much of it was crap and kinda campy. 'Where Eagles Dare' or 'The Guns of Navarone' way better or "a bridge too far" even. He can never escape Rainman. Every goddamn movie since then, that is all I can see. "I"m a very good actor" View all replies >