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When Chris first meets Nola Wrong version I saw the wrong Mule I was trying to watch the 2018 movie and saw this instead Should have been titled "Mixed Nuts" (spoiler alerts) Why Ebbing? Let's analyze Phantom Thread (SPoilers...only for those who've seen it) Parallels to Howard Hughes? View all posts >


That the system is broken and makes the situation worse than it was. Not even the same planet. The Prestige is a masterpiece. This was a fluffy popcorn movie. Yep. It was cringy and much of it out of place for the time. One minute dejected loser freaks, the next indignant high society party crashers. Beard lady (Mike Obama), was so annoying with her incessant anger and black privilege. IS that the Tru True? These people are ACTORS. Nothing should shock you. He's pretty creepy when you look into it. His son is a total degenerate. Woke diversity madness. Well there's a youtube (I Think) documentary I saw showing how they made the film. It was a large plot of land but yeah, more like zig zag and circles with clever camera angles and shows you how they did the illusion of "no cuts". Worth watching. Not sure which is more entertaining (I haven't watched 1917 yet). They did dig quite a bit of trenches and all, but obviously it's a movie illusion like always. Yeah. Sums it up. Maggie was ok, but I never understood the praise this movie got. Just a meh superhero movie. He was a bright spot in this movie for sure. Yeah..I think a cop would have killed him or put him in a coma after that. And it only got worse from there. View all replies >