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By FAR the best Bond movie ever. And I indeed prefer Roger Moore as James Bond (the only actor playing Bond for sane humans :) ). And indeed Lazenby wasnt the reason why this was the best Bond movie ever (with absolutely no competition at all). Instead he was a good Bond actor (but not even close to Moore or Brosnan). But thats also the reason why this was such a huge Bond movie. Bond wasnt the only focus of this movie. Telly Savalas was an great Bond villain. But Diana Rigg was simply awesome. She simply carried that movie to a complete different level and why this became a believable touching story. Combined with one of the best scripts and soundtrack of all Bond movies this almost was a piece of art. And no .... Casino Royale isnt a comparison at all. Craig isnt Bond. He simply is too dumb and cant act at all. But also the female lead character wasnt a huge actress after all. Combined with one of the most boring scripts ever it became simply a waste of time and money. Its such a wasted opportunity that Lazenby didnt played Bond again in DAD. It would have been awesome watching Bond hunting the killer of his only real love. Instead we got a horrible script and Connery being there only cause he needed money for the scotland movement. Lazenby should have played Bond in DAF for sure. Connery simply destroyed that movie (he and that horrible script wirters). With Lazenby it would have been as deep a story as OHMSS. That would have been a real Bond movie compared with this pseudo deep Bourne movies with Craig. Lazenby as a 60s actor also would have fitted in the 60s themed LALD and TMWTGG. Thos movies are as misplaced in ther 60s as possible. Yes, LALD rides on the Shaft wave and TMWTGG on the Bruce Lee wave (and got the solar power theme). But at their core both were 60s movies at its worst. A modern actor like Moore couldnt save the,. But perhaps a 60s actor like Lazenby would have fitted in thos movies. But starting with TSWLM noone else then the iconic Roger Moore could have played Bond. The 70s and 80s were the peak of Bond movies and human society. Everything was modern, innovative and ironic. Old actors like Dalton or Connery wouldnt have have fit in such movies at all. Thats why Roger Moore saved the Bond franchise. He stopped portraying Bond as a serial killer (paid by the government) and made him into a hero (everything else is just watching a drunken assasin killing people slowly. And thats something only lunatics prefer). On top of that he mixed the correct amount of irony so that this movies became excitement again (they already were excitement once with movies like Goldfinger or YOLT). There are also so called Bond fans which dont get that the Bond of Fleming is nothing else then a relict of the Cold war. Of a drunken writer whom was rooted in the 50s (and nowhere else). Everyone dreaming about a character as useless as this Bond should thinking about getting a therapy. Cause no sane human likes such a character. DAF would have been such an amazing revenge movie with Lazenby still playing Bond. Instead we got an aging Connery with absolutely no believable motivation. Yes, its the same Bond, but Connery isnt the same actor. They tried some sort of revenge story with DAF, but that didnt worked at all. LALD (Shaft-based) and TMWTGG (Bruce Lee-based) would have been also better with a real action actor like Lazenby. Beside that thos 2 movies are 60s-themed (who gave a sh** about a assasin gun duel in a mid 70s movie?). But starting with TSWLM Lazenby would have been a relict of the 60s, not fitting into the charming and ironic 70s and 80s. Noone else then Moore could play Bond from TSWLM until AVTAK. OMG, its a joke, cause the audience had to deal with a different actor playing Bond. No there is no canon telling that Bond istn one person. Learn to live with simple facts. OHMSS was by far (!!!) the best Bond movie ever. The wannabe serious movies Craig made were never Bond movies at all. They were as dumb as possible Bourne clones (the most obvious copycat since the karate scenes in Mand With The Golden Gun during the Bruce Lee wave). Therefor Lazenby is indeed lightyears ahead of the dumb character Craig "played". Cause its funny and its brighten your day. So if your life is full of hate and depression .... then this movie isnt made for you. Get a brain, fascist. You are so incredible dumb and full of hate. You dont even realize it. You are nothing else then part of the problem of our society. And all you have is flame war against a center user. So .... get a life too. Race doesnt matter. Hate and idiocy matters. Therefor you are the problem. Not cause of your pointless skin color. - No, a cliche isnt racist. Its just a common code that all people understand. Noone beside you thinks for a second that all indians are eating monkey brain all day for real! - Millions of people outside India watching Bollywood movies. They are full of cliches and therefor easy fun to watch and enjoy. Its one of the fastest growing movie industries out there. And no, noone from Switzerland even gives a sh*t about this cliches they are using in there movies. Cause ..... its a cliche, not reality! Learn to differ thos two things. Cause they have nothing in common at all. Its not only that. Zizek compared this behaviour with the stalinists in the USSR. Every regime opponent was shown as mentally instable. Therefor opposition against the tyrrany meant, in this misanthropic view of the world, that you had a problem with your mental wellness and therefor you had to be cured. Stalinists and fascists arent that far positioned from one another. Canadian government is a bunch of hatefilled fascists. They hate their people and they hate therefor democracy. Time for the people to fight against this tyrrany. I will let you know when i give a damn about the opinion of a fascist! Thats why its called a cliché, dumbhead! Its used in movies cause its a common denominator. Ever thought about thos tons of Boolywood movies were the people of Switzerland were shown as yodeling fools? Were there ever any protest from woke fascists that this is cultural appropriation? Or whatever terms you fascists are using to fight society. Get a life, fascist. Take a look at the "Witness for the Prosecution" forum here. There is one thread about this topic. But as I mentioned: I find that completely out of context and just a way to put a homosexual relationship by force into anything. Its as horrible woke a possible. Theres almost no male sailor aboard the ship. Poirot virtue wasnt sourced by his intellect, but instead by a human desaster (of which he also was partly guilty of). He was attacked by a young woman, who doesnt have the smallest moral authority at all (beside not being a white old man). And at the end they killed (without any connection to the original book) the only mixed race couple on board (cause wokeism means that race strictly have to live apart from each other). Wokeism is pure racism. Salome Otterbourne would have been the third murder victim. But cause you cant kill a black woman in a woke movie (even when the story describes it that way) you have to kill a young white men. And that way you also reach one of the main goals of wokeism: race separation. Cause without this third murder attempt there would have been a couple of mixed color skins at the end of the movie. And god forbid such a travesty when it comes to woke fanatics. I would agree even with most of your posting. But comparing the amazingly well played VanDamm with a two dimensional villain like Gruber is a little too much :) . IMHO Die Hard is amazing popcorn cinema. I really like to watch it every time. And you could indeed realize the panic within McClane when he found himself trapped at the skycrapper. But this is just some sort of empathy build up so that the audience wont fall asleep between the actions scenes ;) . For popcorn cinema this build up is absolutely believable and differs it from most of the horrible movies of todays action cinema (where most times character and story arc build up is obviously not an option and therefor the whole "movie" is just a graphics demo for the used rendering computer :) ). But beside thos obvious qualities of Die Hard, theres no same level for comparing VanDamm (thos amazing dialogue lines - this point perfect acting (when VanDamm realizes that Leonard had a crush on him - handling that with one line)) with Kruger. Beside that I think that his almost one dimensional acting (a two dimensional character would have been absolutely perfect for such a movie. But IMHO his character wasnt even two dimensional ;) ) was the weak part of otherwise almost perfect popcorn cinema. BTW Am I the only one which likes Die Hard 2 as much as Die Hard :) ? Seems like the opinion of the YouTube bubble is, that Die Hard 2 was a let down. And about Raiders: I found Belloq amazing. A villain almost as good/bad as the hero. And not even done in the teen only depressing way like todays movies (to simulate authenticism). But yes, the ones in Indy 2 and 3 were really interchangeable. Yep, VanDamm obviously had no interest in Leonard. But the sentence, that he find his actions "charming" isnt completely professional ;) . So it seems like the character himself was smarter then the actor :) . Die Hard is an amazing popcorn movie! But there is no way to compare it with a perfect plot movie with incredible actors like Grant and Mason. Bruce Willis did his role in Die Hard perfectly. But he always was more of a two dimensional character. This isnt a critic in any way, cause such comedy action movies had to include two dimensional characters. Thats the reason why we like to watch again and again. But Thornhill is a real person. Ive watched the movie again and realized all the panic and fear within Thornhills actions and voice while realizing the terror of crime hes pushed into. And all that combined with the cool served emotions of the 50s. Thats something you wont see in many other action movies. So Die Hard isnt even in the same category as North by Northwest. But that doesnt mean that it hurts the reputation of any of this two amazing movies! Thats so meta :) !