So far this is the best Bond film

Lazenby is a strong fighter and looks and plays the part admirably. Telly Savalas is the best Blofeld on film as well. I loved how this was set in the Swiss alps. Too bad Telly and Georg didn't reappear in Diamonds are Forever.


By FAR the best Bond movie ever. And I indeed prefer Roger Moore as James Bond (the only actor playing Bond for sane humans :) ).

And indeed Lazenby wasnt the reason why this was the best Bond movie ever (with absolutely no competition at all). Instead he was a good Bond actor (but not even close to Moore or Brosnan). But thats also the reason why this was such a huge Bond movie. Bond wasnt the only focus of this movie. Telly Savalas was an great Bond villain. But Diana Rigg was simply awesome. She simply carried that movie to a complete different level and why this became a believable touching story. Combined with one of the best scripts and soundtrack of all Bond movies this almost was a piece of art.

And no .... Casino Royale isnt a comparison at all. Craig isnt Bond. He simply is too dumb and cant act at all. But also the female lead character wasnt a huge actress after all. Combined with one of the most boring scripts ever it became simply a waste of time and money.

Its such a wasted opportunity that Lazenby didnt played Bond again in DAD. It would have been awesome watching Bond hunting the killer of his only real love. Instead we got a horrible script and Connery being there only cause he needed money for the scotland movement.