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AHAHAHAHAHAHA I cannot stop laughing... Lashana Lynch! Money, money, money... "Ermagherd Wemen!1" I love her Obnoxious Americans... The SJW nonsense is really getting out of control... Just 5 minutes... Hope to see her career thrive! View all posts >


Honestly, Hollom was beyond saving. He just wasn't officer material and mentally not strong enough. In Jack's place, I would have had him replaced after the patrol. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "Anti woke bigots" really? I'm a bigot for being "anti woke"? Ahahaha what? 20!? I guess Jeff can go fuck himself... Don't feed the trolls... or retards. think OP is just a retard. Bad troll. Because you are making the claim that he was and others cannot possibly know your reasoning without you explaining it? But go ahead and call others chimps... Ah look, the village idiot found a keyboard and makes trolling threads. How original. Yup. View all replies >