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Why doesn't he return to a country in Africa? Why would the IP holders give the IP to Milla Jovovich and her husband? Definitely one of the worse I have seen as of late. Dog shlt. Incredible how this mixed race, part Asian actor is accepted by Whites. Are you more understanding of Male to Female than Female to Male trannies? Why is there no such thing as African science or mathematics? I don't think anyone wants the Ahsoka Tano series. The black guy is correct, don't use non-white characters if you're not going to.. Surly the Mandalorian should end at season 2? (spoiler) Should go to China or Russia. She was so hot in the big Easy tv show. Did she have anal sex? Is that how she got anal cancer? He had all these attractive young actresses around him. Didn't like it, slow and boring as F Forced myself to watch it, didn't like it. We guys are pigs, losers, scumbags. Just saw Promising Young Woman - it puts this to shame! The tyre iron scene doesn't ring true for me.