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Why is there no such thing as African science or mathematics? I don't think anyone wants the Ahsoka Tano series. The black guy is correct, don't use non-white characters if you're not going to.. Surly the Mandalorian should end at season 2? (spoiler) Should go to China or Russia. She was so hot in the big Easy tv show. Did she have anal sex? Is that how she got anal cancer? He had all these attractive young actresses around him. Didn't like it, slow and boring as F Forced myself to watch it, didn't like it. View all posts >


No one cares. There's no black scientist of worth. The behind the scenes shenanigans more or less ensures that a season 3 would be lower quality; reports of the producer quitting, Gina getting fired, Pedro moving onto other things. A season 3 wouldn't be with the original team, and too much time would have passed, so I say F it, and don't come back for a season 3. We loved you for season 1 and 2 and season's two climate was enough cum! Just pirate their stuff. Just pirate their stuff and watch their shlt at yours. I am, I am dismayed at the lack of freedom of speech in Western countries. We say we are better than China and Russia because we have democracy and freedom of speech, but that's a LIE. We do not have freedom of speech. Try to organise an anti-lockdown protest, try to speak the truth about the exaggerated covid deaths rates. Try to talk about racial IQ differences or racial crime statistics, interracial rape is just black on white women crime. Hope they end it. No point for season 3, the Grogu story arc has been completed, and with thick thigh girl gone. There's no point, really. The Madalorian did things right. I didn't get the sense the non-white characters were there to tick diversity boxes. They really did the Vietnamese girl foul. She wasn't as outspoken as the black guy, but she should have. They really threw her under bus. I am not saying they should have elaborated her character. I am saying they shouldn't have given her an elevated cameo if it didn't serve the story. Don't give non-white characters elevated roles just because they are non-white. Yeah... we know, the star of the show is the feminist Caucasian Rey. We get it. They even threw Luke Skywalker's legendary character away, and didn't proper use him, or give him the respect and gravitas his character deserved all being he was a Straight White Male. The f'king Fem-Nazi, Kathleen Kennedy. The Force is definitely not feminism, crazy bitch ruined Star Wars by bring her SJW woke politics into it. Stop following me around, you're not the internet police. I will pirate whatever and as much as my heart desires. It's been cut in all versions. View all replies >