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Why doesn't he return to a country in Africa? Why would the IP holders give the IP to Milla Jovovich and her husband? Definitely one of the worse I have seen as of late. Dog shlt. Incredible how this mixed race, part Asian actor is accepted by Whites. Are you more understanding of Male to Female than Female to Male trannies? I don't think anyone wants the Ahsoka Tano series. The black guy is correct, don't use non-white characters if you're not going to.. Surly the Mandalorian should end at season 2? (spoiler) Should go to China or Russia. View all posts >


The whole half Asian thing is very interesting. The problem is half Asians invariably look 80% Asian, yet, they are usually not culturally Asian at all. They monosyllabic, only speaking English. How can someone look so Asian, yet is essentially a banana? And it drives them nuts that White society doesn't see them as being white, but Asian. They look Asian, so they are treated as being Asian. This drives them nuts. Think Elliot Rogers. Then there's the huge disparity betwen WMAF vs ANWF. It's like 10:1 - what does it do to one's self esteem knowing your father is a loser white guy with yellow fever, and your mother is a self hating Asian white worshipper? This couple is TOXIC. They hate Asian males and rise their kids hating their Asian heritage. Eurasian women are highly desired, so what? Most Eurasian women go on to choose White partners. As an Asian male, I am not interested in Eurasian women, especially as they hate me because I remind them of their Asian heritage. I know the type. They usually have zero Asian friends, have nothing to do with Asian culture. Don't like Asian food or Asian cinema or Asian anything. They pass themselves off as being 100% white, and it kills them that they look half or mostly Asian. Chloe Bennett if I am not mistaken is the one who needed to change her Asian surname Wang to the White sounding Bennet. Ridiculous. I admit Keanu is very white passing. Where is my basis? Dude, I am mixed Asian. I have Asian American family. I know the struggle half Asians face. LOL, it's true though. You wouldn't go see a movie with an Asian lead. You need to see other whities. Not saying no woman has ever lied, cheated, or manipulated. Sure there are even women serial killers. Just saying, on a whole, women are nicer and more moral than men. For example it is well known in law enforcement, that if there is a missing child, the advice, is for the child to go to a female member of public. Men cannot be trusted. No one cares. There's no black scientist of worth. The behind the scenes shenanigans more or less ensures that a season 3 would be lower quality; reports of the producer quitting, Gina getting fired, Pedro moving onto other things. A season 3 wouldn't be with the original team, and too much time would have passed, so I say F it, and don't come back for a season 3. We loved you for season 1 and 2 and season's two climate was enough cum! Just pirate their stuff. Just pirate their stuff and watch their shlt at yours. View all replies >