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Are you more understanding of Male to Female than Female to Male trannies?

I'm more understanding of Male to Female trannies, because women are gorgeous, beautiful, the fairer sex.

Why would a female want to be a man? Men suck. We are pigs, losers, scumbags. We're hairy, farting, rapists, that just care about getting laid. We would lie, cheat, and manipulate women to get what we want. We would F passed out chicks cos we don't care.


Voltaire would be proud...


Fact is, women can be just as treacherous as men. You just haven't been around enough women to figure this out. :)

That being said, I do find myself sympathizing a little more with M2F transgenders. And yeah, it probably is the understanding that someone might want to look pretty but I still have to scratch my head when I see a M2F transgender that simply looks like a guy in drag and vice versa F2M. It's kind of strange looking... don't really see the point of it, tbh....

But hey, if that's what you gotta do... so be it...


nope. bottom line is, no one gives a shit about any of them.

they need to just do their sex however they want and shut the fuck up about it, like the other 96% of the population.



Wow, I have no idea if this post is serious or not, but that is one of the biggest, most over the top generalizations I’ve ever read in my life, and in today’s society, that’s saying a lot. Lol.

So no women have ever lied, cheated, and manipulated anyone? Hmmmm...I’ve seen, heard, and experienced otherwise. 🤔

Anyways, to answer the original question, while I would never hate anyone for trying to live their life the way they think is right, and ultimately it’s none of my business unless they announce it to the world, I don’t understand either one, and believe they suffer from quite a bout of mental illness, also evidenced by the high suicide rates of people who have these issues. I will never understand this, or flipping our entire culture upside down to appease less than 1% of the population of the world.


Not saying no woman has ever lied, cheated, or manipulated. Sure there are even women serial killers. Just saying, on a whole, women are nicer and more moral than men.

For example it is well known in law enforcement, that if there is a missing child, the advice, is for the child to go to a female member of public. Men cannot be trusted.