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I think it's implied that they evaluated the log and potential footage and found he was not guilty based on acting in self-defense. This is based on his quote that "footage and history will judge him" (sic). That's very impressive, <b>NICE WORK!!! </b> Agree with your overall thoughts. Her movie and inclusion just overall felt forced and wasn't given the right inclusion. Her hairstyle change is based on her comic book iterations & probably to sell more toys. The original poster asked to not post spoilers, so I'm tagging it as such. Here's a few reasons... <spoiler> - Replaced Archer with Morgan Freeman as president with no explanation - Recasts Butler's wife someone who looks very different than the wife in the prior two movies (disrespecting the audience, like we're so dumb we wouldn't notice) - Butler gained too much weight for the role and looks inadequate as an action hero compared to the last two outings making it hard to suspend disbelief (which you have to do to a certain extent - Olympus was great at this balance) - FBI incompetence was unbelievable, especially given they gave NO WEIGHT to the previous two times he saved America from Nuclear war & terrorism ("Hi guys, I saved the president twice so I could kill him with some drones on a fishing trip") - The villains were poorly constructed, mustache twirling and over-the-top. The fact that these two actors play villains in most movies just made it that much more predictable. The turn from best-friend war buddy to stab in the back villain was poorly executed. - The villain killing the FBI agents and then storming the hospital expecting to escape was too unbelievable. Unless he had Chameleon like shape-shifting abilities, the plan seemed really dumb and stretched audience competence. - Giving someone the post of Director of Secret Service, probably the most important security post in the world, to a person who is borderline stroking and randomly going unconscious with mental instability. OK! - Pacing was poor, way to slow at times then nonstop great action (did like that) - Chemistry was lacking between Nolte and Butler (Nolte felt like he belonged in a different movie - was acting like he was in a drama, as Butler hammed it up) - CGI was bad at times (i.e. hospital blowing up) - Vice President just sitting in his office after everything/cohort revealed, really? - Villain reveal was poorly done, not surprising or shocking </spoiler> The margin difference is larger than your avg flick! Generally when I see that and see a movie I end up siding with the Audience, especially for action flicks since critics tend to rip some of the fun ones apart. However, in this case the critics got it right, it was terrible! I loved the first one, one of my fave action movies of all time. Hated the 2nd, which this falls right in line with. IMHO. Yes, so true! THIS! Definitely would have made the movie better and they had the time since it's a short flick. Agreed, he was amazing! One of the best villain portrayals of all-time. They were both PERFECT in their respective roles! Nice review, completely agree with all your points! THIS! View all replies >