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THIS! Agreed, but keep in mind they live in a small community which usually lagged in trendiness/styles behind big cities. Season 3 is a lot better than #2, but not quite as good as #1 (but in the same ballpark). Nope, sounds dumb, like something a 5 year would come up with... Spider-man 2 Far from home Homecoming Spider-man 1 Tasm 2 Spider-man 3 Tasm 1 It's meh, not worth watching really. Slightly better than part 2, but nowhere near 1 or 3. Bad writing, comedy sucks, not much sci-fi. PC doesn't rear it's head too much, but a couple of eye rolling moments do exist. No verbal mention, but they do focus on a painting of both of them in battle for a couple of seconds. Agreed on the generic summary. Agreed, pretty much meh; which is surprising coming from the acting duo & being MIB. No Yes, much better! Better than Apocalypse too! Go see it! View all replies >