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I could waste hours pulling up 30+ year old movies where POC women, gay characters, and white women are featured as empowered characters and nobody, not even rightwing pundits back in the day were screaming "w0kE!!!". Hell, Danny Glover played an evil black man to Harrison Ford's goody two shoes Philly L.E. officer in "Witness" and nobody from the Left was screaming or pissing their pants. It amazes me how the interwebz has made mush out of the younger generations when it should be the opposite. Worse Southern accent. Even more egregious than Spaniel Craig's. What is this 1997? Yeah, she should have gotten knocked up like Britney did right? I thought he was gimmicky since Day 1. I felt the same with John Hughes and Quentin Tarantino. You mean THAT Boi So she's gonna twerk on the Rig and stabilize it? White Gen Zers from middle 'murica screaming Woke at every turn. 😄😄😁😆😅🤣😂 And NOT cheap Biden is boring. Even the g0p can't muster a creative narrative out him like they did Obama and the Clintonss. Stone isn't much of a Lefty either. Taxi Driver I remember her from her days on SNL back in the early 80s, and I had a crush on her. Is she a true redhead? Colonel has an "L" in it but it's not pronounced I always thought she'd be a bigger star but she just kinda stayed under the radar for most of the 90s. I saw it when it came out and thought it was a decent movie. I thought TheJewel ofcthe Nile was pretty hokey, but his sequel to Wall Street is my least favorite MD film. That's your conjecture. Why? White people are just albino Black people Yet you scoff at women with hairy legs, arms, and armpits. Lulz It doesn't, so this whole indignation over Baldwin facing consequences when dirty, stupid cops continue to get away with murder is my point Cops can easily shoot and kill black people without repercussions just like they did 60 years ago with fully loaded guns and assault rifles.