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What’s your favourite ice lolly stick joke (or popsicle for my American friends)? How many languages can you speak fluently? 10cc gig Best line in the movie? (spoilers) What do you suppose internet trolls do after a hard days trolling? I wonder why they stopped at Live Aid? My 4 year old enjoyed it. Has anyone ever taken their own snacks into the cinema? The Nicole Kidman / goldfish scene near the beginning reminded me of my wife. View all posts >


You beat me to it. That sounds like a loaded question to me. Damn! I was going to go and see it this week as well. So, basically I'm going to be sat in an empty cinema, watching a thirty second trailer on a loop (which is the perfect set up for the punchline, "But how would you know the difference?"). That's a bit of a loaded question. The fun of using Tuk-Tuks disappears after a while and the comfort of air-con taxis soon takes over. A couple of years - loved every minute - the only downside was the pollution. He's working on producing the ultimate alcoholic drink that doesn't give you a hangover. Bangkok, Sukhumvit soi sam (soi 3). Well, I wish you the best of British luck on your quest. In the meantime, I'll probably go and see the film this week and I'll let you know if it's any good - also, if I have time, I'll do a head count too. Ouch - I liked Doof Warrior though. View all replies >