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The Nicole Kidman / goldfish scene near the beginning reminded me of my wife.

My wife is Indonesian and over there they have no problem eating goldfish. When she first moved to England, we would go to dinner parties and if the host had an aquarium, she’d be looking at the fish, licking her lips, saying “you call them pets, I call them snacks.”

I had visions of the host’s kids running to their parents crying, “Mummy, Daddy, the strange lady wants to eat our pets!” I had to let her know that it wasn’t the done thing over here.


does she swallow it whole like her and did u ever ask what it taste like and does it still swim around in her stomach?


In all seriousness, they cook and eat them in the same way as whitebait.

As for swimming around in her stomach, someone’s definitely been watching too many cartoons, lol.