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The most stupid set of characters ever seen in a sci-fi movie Wrong cast, should be all adults Why isn't this available??? Nothing happens in this movie - spoiler Yet another old man chasing a young woman in an 195os movie Rather boring actually Not as good the third time viewing.. Much older men chasing young women in 1950s movies Is Tom Cruise acting 20 years younger in this? Overrated and not good looking View all posts >


He seems to be acting about 28. I can't get passed the shitty characters and awful lines. That killed it for me. Actually rather than it being a great cast. I think everyone in it was MISCAST. It probably be better with a whole new cast. Sorry but I loved Sean's father Jon, but Sean cannot act to save his life. I am still wondering why he was chosen to be in this movie. Unless he did it for peanuts. But why was his character so retarded in his behaviour and speech? Yeah NASA scientists do have a sense of humor, BUT their vast intelligence still shines through. But this guy gave the impression he'd have trouble adding 2 and 2 together. WHY have characters like this in a space movie????????????????????????? Baffling. I also never finished the movie. It just sucked from the start. I've got a good point though, don't you think. I didn't like 1990s IT and it looks like this sucks too. I can't understand why they'd make a horror movie about kids for adults. I wanna see adult horror movies. Not kids horror movies. Who'd want to eat fish that had been violently poisoned???? There appeared to be a much older man trying to bed a much younger woman in the Creature from the Black Lagoon sequel in 1955, Revenge of the Creature. John Agar was 12 years older than Lori Nelson but he looked a lot older than her. Yeah good quality, stories and acting. No filler episodes. It's dated that's for sure. What embargo? View all replies >