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Good for her. The sopranos I didn't think of the last point you made. Probably quentin's way of saying he could do it or probably did it. Not that extreme The matrix was pretty good. Netflix is very good at this, the confession killer and the ted bundy tapes are good as well. Have you ever been properly diagnosed? Control, starring Ray Liotta and Willem Dafoe. I would move. That's probably it. That joke flew right over my head, woosh. Didn't Dicaprio said he would never do tv? It would be cool though. The OP is being sarcastic. King arthur (guy ritchie) Blackhat Sahara Can't think of more in 60 seconds Because people rather complain about nothing then deal with their real issues. That's funny Agreed, this whole thing looks like a made for tv film. It's a little too feminine for my taste. But I do like jurassic park and pulp. Fair enough. I am not a troll, I just think the warriors didn't age well at all. I don't hate the director, I really liked the driver. I hate marvel movies. Try again, condescending prick.