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I thought I was watching a Lifetime tv series about a superhero's reconciliation with her mother. There were so many childhood stories, painful memories and frank mother-daughter talks. All the men were pigs who ran around trying to screw people. It was great to see Malcom get a real job with Cheng instead of being pissed on by Jessica for another season. I'm looking forward to future seasons of Defenders, Daredevil, Iron Fist and Punisher. I suspect she feels guilty that much of her success as an actress stems from her marriage to a Coen brother. She can probably get roles from his contacts and she can act in his movies if there are no other opportunities. I agree that she should lecture her husband first. I think there should have been a spin-off called McNulty P.I. and he would have been a private investigator in Baltimore/DC. The only problem is that McNulty is unlikeable so people would get sick of watching him after a while. He doesn't really cooperate with his peers and doesn't follow orders or procedures. He would have to be self-employed. The brother mentioned that he would side with Bjorn if there was a war just before he and Bjorn went to Sicily. I thought she was just showing that she was in charge and she didn't need to marry him to have sex with him. I think 80% of men would be ready to screw Lagertha anytime anywhere. I'm white and I do think it's racist in the way that ALL the whites are unfavorably portrayed. There could have been a cool white friend. Was there even a decent white person in the film? I also realize that it's a silly movie that shouldn't be taken seriously. I do worry that some morons could watch it and think that whites do think this way. The bingo game is offensive to me since it reminds me of a slave auction. I would have liked the movie as a horror film if they left out the racial nonsense. While I agree that she is probably not a classic leading lady beauty, she does have beautiful eyes. I still think she is attractive but I'm partial to redheads. I loved her singing in the movie but I was not impressed with Ryan Gosling's vocals. I can't believe La La Land didn't win Best Picture. I actually saw all three contenders so I can judge them with my limited knowledge of filmography. La La Land is a film that inspires people to pursue their dreams. The costumes, dances, acting, budget were so much better. Moonlight was a miserable slog through some gay drug dealer's shitty life and Manchester by the Sea was a maintenance man grunting through mundane everyday shit. My one complaint about La La Land was the repeated performances of City of Stars. I got sick of City of Stars after a while BUT it's still a catchy tune. It was cool when Emma and Ryan sang it together since that represented their status as a solid couple. I felt really miserable after watching Moonlight and Manchester By the Sea but La La Land was uplifting. I don't think he was in it long enough to win any awards. He did give a good performance but he, like many others, didn't really say that much. I agree. Scarlett is better off without Rhett. He was very controlling and threatened her with violence. He also may have raped her. I like movies with happy endings so I think this film is overrated. View all replies >