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There is a biopic called MacArthur starring Gregory Peck. It was released in 1977. It is nowhere as good as Patton, but it is still worth a watch. I love everything that you mentioned. I forgot to add that Alana eventually ends up working for Gary when he starts selling waterbeds. He actually gives her a purpose and direction. She promotes and sells the beds. She even drives the truck that distributes the beds. When they have an argument and he tells her that were it not for him, she would still be working at Tiny Toes, she has no response. In many instances, he is the adult in the relationship. Been watching lots of You Tube videos about this. Did Jupe the adult, mistakenly believe that he had some special ability to reason with a dangerous beast because he survived the attack as a child? The Shah of Iran went on a mad shopping spree for Western weapons in 1970s. Those were the days when Iran was the West's friend. She is also very funny. Catch her in The Easy A as Emma Stone's wacky mother. Don Corleone was the head of a criminal empire based on violence and intimidation. He may have been a " nice grandfatherly figure" but he was not a saint. The scene right at the beginning of the film lays out who he was. Mr Bonasera comes to him seeking vengeance for the assault on his daughter. Michael tells Kay about the Johnny Fontane-band leader story which involves Luca Brasi threatening the band leader to release Johnny from his contract. The details of how Tom would convince Woltz to change his mind, would not have been discussed. It would have been so clear and dramatic, that Woltz could not say no. Sarah Jane was ashamed of her racial heritage and so she rejected her mother. Her mother was a reminder to her that she was not who she claimed to be in the " white world" that she wanted to live. Isn't there a scene when she gets beaten up by a scum bag boyfriend who finds out that she is passing? Oliver Stone sees the assassination as a Deep State conspiracy. In his view, the Mafia could not do this. In the film, Jim Garrison dismisses any notion of Mob involvement. Read James Ellroy's novel American Tabloid for an alternative take on Kennedy's murder. Let's try and keep this thread free of abuse or insults. Monica may have been infatuated with " the most powerful man in the room" but she was clueless about the wider forces at play. She did not see through Linda Tripp, nor did she believe that constantly going to the White House would one day back fire on her. Monica seemed blissly unaware that Ken Starr was digging into Clinton's past not just White water but also his relationships with women. By the way, what is your source of your information about Monica re her mother. Of course when she flashed her thong at the President, she knew what she was doing. However, she genuinely thought that that Clinton loved her and that Linda Tripp her friend. When the combined tsunami of Paula Jones, Ken Starr and the media hit her, she was completely overwhelmed. Bill Clinton threw her under the bus. A lot depends on the producers or writers of No Time to Die. Daniel Craig was one of the executive producers and he has gone on record as saying that OHMSS is one of his favourite Bond movies. He was clearly paying tribute to it. You have misunderstood my post. I was commenting on the dark humour in the scene. I was not picking the thing apart searching for logic . It is a science fiction film after all. Grant and Stuart knew each from way back. Grant even tells McClane that he trained Stuart. The two men embrace when they meet after they rendezvous. All it took was someone in the Pentagon to facilitate the order that made Grant's unit deploy to the airport. Obviously that person would have been corrupt and or aware of the plan to spring Esperanza. It is perfectly plausible that Sullivan would have given the President the option of suicide. Yes, he could have possibly have killed Richmond but that was too risky. Better to confront him with what he knows and then back him into a corner. He knew what happened the night that Christy was killed based on Luther's eye witness account. Being a coward, with no Chief of Staff to protect him, Richmond may have opted for the " easy" solution. You are probably right. In 1985, Iraq was regarded as a friend of the West . Saddam Hussein was at war with Iran so he was not a hate figure , the way Gaddafi was. How times change... We can keep striving for a better society without opting for total revolutionary change. Money, fame , race and power should not be the avenue for some to escape the consequences of their misdeeds. Mary Jo Kopechne's family should have sued Ted Kennedy. Lucky for him, he had the Catholic Church on his side to work them over. Not only did he escape from an accident, he escaped justice. Yes, the journalist is a well meaning liberal who wants to tell Jane's story. Reminds me of the film The Help, where a well meaning liberal wants to tell the story of the domestic helpers in white homes. Guess who also starred in that film? It was a very poor action movie. Nothing new or exciting about it. Two hours lost that I will never get back. In the book, there is no romance between them. There is clearly an attraction, but they are too busy trying to stay alive. The book does end with the possibility of a relationship between as they both take a "lets see what happens approach". I would not say that she was dumb, but she was naive and not very worldly wise. You would not describe her as deep or thoughtful. I can imagine that she never left Dallas, and or even Texas. She clearly put the Kennedys on a pedestal, hence her trip to the airport. I think she was did not give a lot of thought to racial matters due to her naive nature.