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Isn't it a "screw you" look to Rebecca?? She is free from the ghost of this woman. If you live in the UK, it's on the BBC iPlayer. I don't know about other countries. I have to sadly agree. Historical dramas like Lincoln or Ghandi are surefire Oscar bait. Science fiction is often looked down on as a genre when it comes to performance. It was strange that she was willing to leave the country with a man she hardly knew. She would be completely dependant on him financially.Was she that lonely? The look of utter disbelief on her face when Neil runs away from Vincent, abandoning her is heartbreaking. Roosevelt says that a bear should be the symbol of America, not the bald eagle."He is nothing more than a dandified vulture ". I agree with you. The film had a 12 certificate which meant that everything had to simplified and dumbed down. Darker and more complex plotlines were removed. The source novel is so much better than this mediocre adaptation. You wonder if someone like David Fincher had directed it, would it have been a better film , with a better script as well. The actress who plays her is big in Bollywood. I have only ever seen her in a The Lunchbox, an Indian film where she plays an unhappy wife who makes lunch for her husband everyday. Well worth a look. In Homeland, she plays a Machiavellian character working for the Pakistan intelligence service, the ISl. Shows her range. The backstory re General Irwin would have been a better movie than the one depicted in The Last Castle. He disobeyed a presidential order during a peacekeeping mission in an African state. As a result, men under his command were killed. I am a huge Robert Redford fan, but this film is dull. I like the David Duke comparison. A White supremacist in a business suit to present himself as respectable. As for Gary Hart as Stillson, can't see it. Hart was a moderate Democrat , he was the presumed candidate in 1987 until his name was linked with Donna Rice. How bizarre! Guy Ritchie pays homage to this scene in his latest film The Gentleman. MAtthew McConnaughey appears to be driven away to his death. View all replies >