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He could be a 'nice guy' with character flaws with can make him just as fascinating. We can only pray for him(?) and wish him all the best. As sure as night follows day, the bigots come out to play today, the bigots come out to play. Making a film or drama series about a real military unit is not 'special treatment'. It would be shining a light on an area that is unknown or possibly overlooked. The film Windtalkers focused on the use of Navajo soldiers who served in the Pacific War. Was that special treatment? Are you objecting just because the focus would be on black men? Just asking. Thanks for this, Friend. I had forgotten about this film. Saw it many years ago on TV. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Nice try, amigo. Is that a serious question? Japan was bombed by the American air force from 1942 onwards. There is also the tiny matter of two atomic bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Have you ever read a history book? The scene where Mary recalls her son talking about the upside about being drafted is that he would get to go to college on the GI Bill. She is saddened by the fact that even that possibility was taken from him. Great performance from Da Vine Joy Randolph. Marie was not all alone in the world. She had a family who we get to see later on in the film. By contrast, Bourne was the one all alone, as he could not remember who was or where he was from. It is possible that it was an accident. However, I think he had given up and just kept blaming his wife for his problems. I think he saw suicide as his only option. View all replies >