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It's nothing like the first film Great idea for a film but badly written script. Descent worst two parter in TNG How in the world ? Why TNG still looks better than Voyager ? Could it been better if ... ? Watched it...casting Diana Ross was a mistake ! Was this a cut or bad edit ? No Deleted Scenes in DVD/BD home releases ? View all posts >


Take any news regarding Sacha's films with a grain of salt because over the years the claims of being sued were always used to market the films. The scene actually isn't as terrible or bad like the news makes it out to be, Sacha wasn't as rude and offensive with the ladies and it does seems they already knew what was it REALLY about. That's not what I really meant smarty. Sacha is just repetitive if you watched Ali G you'll find most of the stuff was already done in that show. Other comedians do the same thing they stick to the working formula, but Sacha is failing in being creative about it and his hypocrisy isn't doing him any good either we know who's side he's on even though he's trying to trick us that he's neutral. It's terrible the only thing that's probably very controversial is Rudy Giuliani's scene (not funny) but will probably have the social network and media go crazy on him the next few days because if someone like Sacha pulls this out then what will foreign intelligence agents do with the old idiot ! Hopefully it's just the part from the original script where Leto's Joker makes a cameo it was just a quick look into Arkham Asylum. The original script actually had Joker, Harley Quinn and Lex Luther make cameos and maybe more. I know and he's the not the only one. I have no issues of someone following the footsteps of his parents or doing the family business. But there is a difference between talented and talentless and this is the issue with some Hollywood hacks today, the controlled media is just shoving them at the public as super stars and great directors/producers with barely a history to back it up. He's a hack that got big people in Hollywood lobbying for him that's it he has connections. From what happened to Star Wars and Star Trek I hope studios stop putting him in charge of direction or projects again. Yep you got it right. The first film basically copies ANH and it was executed a little better than the next two sequel trilogy films it was the second film that crumpled the entire sequel premise and shoved everything out the window just like how Luke shoved the iconic light-saber behind because Ruin thought it was funny !. Disney kept the denial while many fans and critics thought TLJ just killed all the chances of a solid good ending for the sequels. For people who watched season 8. Yes rewatch value is now zero. Once I saw Enola break the forth wall and I just decided to enjoy the film and not take it seriously. Even if it's obvious that who ever wrote the script was on some woke crusade I hope they do better when Netflix asks them to rewrite "Roots" for the new age. View all replies >