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Critics were (as usual) were just dead wrong on this film FASCIST Well, well, well Meryl... E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e knew about Weinstein's activities for years Adrian Jr. (spoilers) the guilt issue (spoilers) View all posts >


No chance. Years ago I was with a stunning girl who also just happened to be a self-centered nightmare. I had assumed I would be able to put up with it b/c she was so freaking physically gorgeous. No way, I had to bail. It was not worth it. Never regretted it either. And you obviously have no soul. Good luck with that. And congrats on agreeing with the professional critics. I saw it a few days ago. Decent movie but definitely has its flaws. On the positive side, Ed Norton is fantastic in his role. Oscar nomination worthy imo. Another positive is the musical score - absolutely phenomenal imo. On the downside, the story is boring and often very confusing. The dialogue is entirely too "wordy". Needlessly so. Everyone in the crew I saw it with said they were zoning out at various times due to the wordiness. Norton also does a poor job of wrapping the story up with regard to several of the characters. I'd give it a 6.5 rating. Clint Eastwood is one of the greatest actors ever. And your mean-spirited comment is par for the course for a Leftist such as yourself. Like other Leftists you probably - absurdly - call yourself a "liberal". LOL! Yeah, right. Eastwood has done nothing but live a great life and be a positive force unlike Hollywood Leftists such as Harvey Weinstein (and those who called him "God" such as Leftist Meryl Streep), Al Franken, Woody Allen, Charlie Rose etc. You've got Trump/Republican Derangement Syndrome. Have you taken a peek at how the economy has performed under President Trump? Have you taken a peek at the low unemployment rates under President Trump? Have you taken a peek at the r.e.c.o.r.d. l.o.w. unemployment rates for African-Americans under President Trump? Have you taken a peek at what's been going on in Korea the last few days? Have you taken a peek at Fox News' ratings compared to CNNor MSNBC lately? Glad I'm not alone in this. The movie was absurdly load. Saviodium - which films in the Star Wars franchise do you love? And nuclearweasel calls himself an enlightened "liberal". Lol. Yeah, as "liberal" as any other left wing fascist. If he doesn't agree with you he goes after you with hateful insults and its perfectly OK. But oh my if anyone insults one of his precious idols then you're a hate-filled bigot, a racist, a 'homophobe', a Nazi etc. So very "liberal" indeed. Totally agree. Loved this movie so much. Every person (a dozen people or so) who took my recommendation to see this movie absolutely loved it. Marion Cotillard was incredible in this film. View all replies >